Adaptable, Appealing, and Responsive

Allow Centaur Marketing to boost your online presence with a custom website made from scratch!

Today’s websites are versatile, stunning, and most importantly, allows for seamless access across a wide range of platforms and devices. Centaur Marketing is here to ensure that we will build your brand right and ready for the future! Our experienced team develops custom websites that balance aesthetics with functionality.

What are Responsive Websites?

Every day, the number of platforms and devices grows. Responsive designs ease that by consolidating content into one website with the superior flexibility that allows for access across all platforms, devices, and browsers.

Why It Benefits Your Business?

We want your website to standout in a crowded digital space. By extending the influence of your businesses online, you will be able to instantly reach new customers in other cities and across the world. Because of this, the digital landscape is ever evolving and in order for your business to truly thrive, your website has to seamlessly adapt to every single device (Apple to Android), platform (iOS, Windows, Linux), and web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.).

Through our rigorous design process, we assure you that your website not only functions properly, but looks and responds seamlessly, anytime anywhere!

Our Development Capabilities

With our design standards, we craft and customize code that allows our customers to get what they truly want!

Our standard sites are using common language (HTML, C++, PHP, Java, MySQL, etc.) and platforms (WordPress, Joomla, Cake). Our extensive knowledge of design, code, and programming extends to the creation of fully customized plugins and widgets.

We have extensive knowledge integrating APIs (Application Program Interfaces) allowing us to develop websites that can connect seamlessly with any third party applications/sites.

programming languages

Development Process

Every website we design follows the same process to ensure that the final product is the most effective:

  • Site Flow

    User experience is the name of the game. Why build a key page three clicks away when one will do? Together with the design team, we establish a coherent blueprint, which will be visually mapped out with wireframes to ensure that your customers are able to find the information they need as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  • Design to HTML

    Once your website designs are approved, we will take them and first convert them to HTML.

  • Responsive Breakpoints

    Your page will be programmed to support large 90” television screens all the way down to a small Google glass monitors and the multiple breakpoints in between. This ensures that your page looks good and is fully functional across all devices and platforms.

  • Back-End Development 

    The development of the back-end is what will truly bring your webpage to life. This process follows the development of mechanics and code that will ensure your page functions properly and all of its data is stored securely.

  • Beta Testing 

    When coding is complete, we will move your site to a staging server for beta testing. This will allows us to work out any bugs and issues before going live.

  • Final Output 

    Once your page is functional and complete, we will upload it to your preferred domain and hosting. We will then pass your website to our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) & marketing teams who will help you to acquire more customers.

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