Bringing Your Market Together

Our experiences has enabled our team to develop the skills, resources, and contacts to produce events from the ground up. Whether it’s sports, fashion shows, product launches, boutique exhibitions, or press conferences, Centaur Marketing is prepared to take your vision to life with full-scale events, complete with media activations to ensure your event garners the biggest reach possible!

The Event Managing Process

Over the last decade, Centaur Marketing has had the privilege to work with the best vendors and suppliers in the Philippines. From audio/visuals, design, setup, and talents, we have strategically partnered with a diverse roster of Manila’s most well-established names to deliver the best events imaginable!

  • Planning 
    A series of meetings will begin the process of bringing your event to life. Once we have a firm idea of your event, we will render a deck that will include project briefs, event flow and script, and a comprehensive timeline event along with a list of the talent that will be used at the event.
  • Costing & Budgeting 
    Once our deck has been sorted and approved, it is time to work on its costing. We will look at every aspect of your event and provide you with a detailed budget. Once the full cost of production is approved, it is time to execute!
  • Execution
    On the weeks leading up to your event, we will bring further coverage to your event by aligning you with members from key media outlets. During this period, we will produce a press conference and arrange interviews with every leading network and publication in the country.
  • On-site Management 
    On the day of the event itself, our team will be on the ground to oversee every single step of the production process, from ingress to egress. At the end of the event, a post-event recap will be given that features a detailed account of everything that happened.
  • Sustaining 
    With the event over, we will continue to sustain interest to ensure your event is so well-remembered that it warrants a second run!

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