In just a span of a decade, Social Media has transformed our entire world. From the way we interact with family and friends to the way businesses have begun reaching out directly to their consumers, Social Media is a fixture in today’s world.

Through our efforts, Centaur Marketing is here to ensure your brand becomes a major presence on social media!

Creating Your Online Presence

The overall goal of our Social Media Marketing is to boost your sales through the careful cultivation of a direct and long-term relationship with your market. Social Media is now an incomparable resource that allows businesses to flourish through constant and inexpensive exposure. As a business’ followers increase, so does its reach and influence.

The Creative Process

With close to a decade’s worth of experience in managing the Social Media presence of start-ups and established businesses alike in the Philippines, the United States, and elsewhere, Centaur Marketing can improve your social communication efforts and followers through our proven processes.

SEO Marketing Flow


Initial Audit

Our strategy begins with the execution of an in-depth analysis and audit of your current social media engagements. We will examine the strength and weaknesses of your current program and assess it to your competition, in order to provide you with a thorough strategy for implementation.


Through a series of meetings and questionnaires, we will begin to understand your brand and desired message. This insight will enable us to develop a content matrix for consistency purposes.


Our social media team will begin to assemble a presentation of big ideas, complete with a highly detailed strategy of execution, with unique, individual plans for platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Final Output & Sustaining

Revisions are made before scheduling online! All of your posts are constantly analyzed. The highest-performing posts are replicated so that you continue engaging with your customers with awesome content!


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