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In today’s digital landscape, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a pre-requisite that enables your business to thrive and standout in an increasingly populated digital world. Websites are no longer added digital services for businesses, they are now established and respected online resources for consumers all over the world.

Search Engine Optimization is an umbrella term that encapsulates a number of strategies that increases your website’s ranking across search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Centaur Marketing’s knowledge of the latest search algorithms, the effects of natural and organic search results, and our constant development of new strategies allow us to empower your website with higher page rankings, increased traffic, and stronger consumer engagement.

Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Do you know what people are saying about your business? Are negative or inaccurate results affecting your business? Our online reputation management process suppresses unwanted materials to ensure that your customers can focus on the positive content.


The SEO Process

We understand that SEO can be intimidating and that is why our talented SEO Team in both the Philippines and the United States has mastered their craft to empower our clients with a simplified understanding of the process.

Over the last decade, our SEO Team has grown to become among the best in their field by assisting numerous businesses in all industries to find their digital presence by ensuring their pages comply with the strict index criteria of today’s leading search engines.

Our work is deployed using the Google-certified ‘White Hat’ technique, which allows your website to grow by generating the most number of natural, organic visits.

  • Initial Audit
    The first step involves a thorough and critical look at every aspect of your website. We will look at how it ranks among its competitors and monitor its overall health and security. From there, we will take an even closer look at the little things people often disregard. We will begin to look at your title and meta tags, navigation and internal linking structure, and most importantly your backlink profile. Every single aspect of your website will be under review in order to create a comprehensive strategy that will optimize your website to its potential.
  • Keyword Research
    A series of brainstorming sessions and questionnaires will provide us with insight into the psychology of your user. The understanding of their habits, combined with careful research will allow us to find the right keywords that will define your business. The value of keywords not only leads you to more customers, but it also solidifies the branding of your businesses by ensuring your name is synonymous with the power of a common set of words.
  • Develop: On-Page
    The algorithms of popular search engines have become so sophisticated, that it values high-quality content that appeals to the immediate needs of its users. On-Page optimization is achieved through the creation of expert copy and relevant images. More importantly, we focus our efforts on ensuring your site is fast, secure, mobile friendly, and can be crawled by search engine bots.
  • Develop: Off-Page
    In order to generate organic results, our SEO Team must consider the experiences of search engine users in order to determine the best strategy for your website. Our team will develop a strategy that consists of link building, content development, social bookmarking, and social media exposure. This provides you with lasting page traffic from high SEO placement.
  • Analysis & Reporting
    Our SEO Specialists will send regular reports, along with an in-depth analysis of your page’s performance. This feedback will allow us to modify our strategies on a monthly basis to ensure your website is slowly climbing to the first page!

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