Search engine marketing is the process that enables your business to become a visible commodity to billions of daily intent-driven users through the use of paid advertisements across the leading search engines and social media networks. Centaur Marketing is a certified Google Partner and our team of Adwords Certified specialists develop and implement strategically-designed campaigns to create awareness, conversions, and most importantly, loyalty towards your brand.

Understanding the Leading SEM Networks

Search engine marketing can be incredibly competitive. Many businesses compete for the top ad space to generate organic engagement. Because of this, Centaur Marketing’s dedicated SEM Team in the United States and the Philippines work extensively in the following networks to secure your brand’s presence to your market:

Google Search Network

google partner
google partner Centaur Digital Marketing PH Inc. is a certified Google Partner.

Attract new customers the moment they search for businesses, products, and services like yours on Google’s search engine. Using Google’s Pay-Per-Click (PPC) model, you only need to pay for results that compel clicks to your website.

Google Display Network

Want your ads to be seen by more people? Google’s Display Network allows you to advertise across multiple platforms including YouTube, Gmail, and over two million websites and blogs. Your ad size, location, and frequency of display can be customized to attract the demographics of your target audience, along with customers of specific interests.

YouTube Pre-Rolls

YouTube Pre-Roll Ads
YouTube Pre-Roll Ads Sample YouTube Pre-Roll Ads

There is a good chance you’ve come across a YouTube pre-roll at least once today! When executed well, an appropriately-placed ad before a pre-selected YouTube video can draw up interest and repeat business for your brand.

Facebook Audience Network

The Facebook Audience Network taps into the billions of daily active users on Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram. The visibility extends to numerous mobile apps using native banner ads, in-stream videos, and rewarded videos.

Facebook ads
Facebook ads Sample Facebook Ads

The Search Engine Marketing Process


We will sit down for an initial meeting to determine the goals and objectives of your campaign. Together, we will discuss your needs for growth, expected budget, and target placements on your audience (gender, age, location, interest).


The team will then assess the performance of your existing campaigns and websites. We will assemble a communication plan based on competitive research and audience insight. The implementation of our plan will depend on consumer interests as well as the primary platform of execution.

Preparation (Keyword Evaluation)

Keyword research will enable our team to determine the way your market interacts with your brand. The careful combination of the right keywords will attract consumers and establish your brand as a top-of-mind leader in your industry.

Campaign Development

With your communication plan established, our SEM Team, together with our talented Creative Department, will begin work on the deliverables that will command attention towards your brand. This includes, but is not limited to, the creation of ad copy, website content, banners, and images.

A/B Test

A/B Testing oversees the creation of multiple variations of your ad. These are determined by variables such as age, location, and interests. The testing will be executed on a small scale to determine the best method to generate the most engagement and maximize click-through rate.


Once complete, we will officially filter your budget into the ads that have generated the best performance during AB Testing.

Monitoring & Optimization

Our team will continue to monitor your ads daily to ensure everything is optimized correctly and stays within budget. We will monitor click-through rates, engagements, and tags. In addition, we will look out for negative keywords that may affect performance.

It is important to remember that optimization is an on-going process that improves over time. Each step of the process allows us to better understand the needs of your brand and your market. With this understanding, combined with the loyal efforts of our team, we can ensure that your brand consistently remains one step ahead of the competition.

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