Today’s world is driven by mobile applications. Here at Centaur Marketing, we develop unique and fully customizable mobile applications for start-up businesses and enterprises alike. With so many available on the market, we want your mobile app to stand out. Through our highly talented development team, we create stunning, efficient, and professional apps that ensure your brand becomes part of your customers’ daily experience.

The Mobile App Development Process

A great mobile app has a purpose. By identifying the needs of your customer, an app can become a useful and easy-to-access tool that your market can not live without; an essential and everyday part of using a smartphone.We will turn your dreams into a reality by providing you with a finished product that surpasses expectations. An application that enriches your customers’ experience and functioning across all platforms and devices.

  • Questionnaires / Branding Guide

    As early as possible we want to know how your market will interact with your mobile application and that starts by gaining an understanding of your brand and your market. A series of meetings and questionnaires will provide us with insight that will allow us to adjust our designs to your tastes while enabling us to better engage with your customers through our services.

  • App Flow 

    User experience is what ultimately distinguishes a great app from a good app. We want to satisfy the demands of your users by identifying their interests and needs. This information will allow us to begin the early stages of the design process by providing us with an early glimpse at how your market will interact with your app.

  • Design 

    Through our understanding of your brand and the needs of your consumers, our team will begin to brainstorm in order to assemble a presentation that showcases our top designs and features. At this stage, we will undergo three rounds of revisions to ensure your app is engaging, user-friendly, beautiful, and seamless.

  • Coding 

    Without question, coding is always the most tedious part of the development process. Our dedicated team of coders are highly skilled with incredible patience, limitless passion, and a strict attention to detail. We will ensure that your mobile application functions perfectly, with little room for errors and crashing.

  • Final Output 

    Your input will guide us through each stage of the development process. We will make final changes and tweaks with your mobile application in beta for testing. This guarantees that your mobile app functions perfectly prior to launch.

  • Distribution 

    There is no doubt that by creating a mobile app, your business can reap huge benefits. Mobile distribution is growing through Apple’s iTunes and Google’s Play Store. Our experience in public relations will allow us to create a full, 360-degree strategy that will help guide you through the digital marketplace. Through our work, we will enable your brand to reach all corners of the globe.

  • Mobile Support 

    Our programmers will maintain your mobile app and ensure it is regularly up to date.

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