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Centaur Marketing’s humble beginnings as an all-around production company live on through the Digital Retouching service we provide to our clients. Our team includes globally-recognized professionals who specialize in high-end fashion, hair & beauty, lifestyle, still life, entertainment, and commercial retouching.

We translate your vision and brand identity into photographic works of art, regardless of budget. From experimental or editorial work to full-scale global campaigns, our curated team of talented and devoted staff strives to exceed your expectations by working harmoniously with you in an approachable and personally invested environment of creative collaboration, technical expertise, and continuous innovation.

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What Is Digital Retouching?

Digital Retouching is a post-production process that enhances photos by manipulating the image to command attention towards the subject. The process can remove a number of imperfections in the subject and in the image itself.

The Digital Retouching Process

  • Planning

    An initial meeting will provide our creative team with the insight to understand the aesthetic needs and goals of your brand. In the event you have a shoot scheduled, it will be attended by a member of our team in order to best understand your vision and determine the best techniques to use during post-production.

  • Post-Production

    Immediately following your scheduled shoot, our team will receive the raw images and begin work on post-production. Centaur Marketing’s team of industry veterans will use a combination of digital and analog techniques to ensure the final results are an authentic work of art that defines the image of your brand.

  • Delivery

    With your input, final alters are made during the final rounds of revision. This ensures that the final product exceeds any expectations set during the initial stages of planning. Once post-production is complete, our team will deliver the newly-retouched images to you online.

Digital Retouching Services

  • High-End Retouching

    We develop your images with experienced analog eyes to bring an authentic sense of vibrancy into the digital realm. This approach enables us to produce high-end quality work on par with the leading retouching studios in London (UK) and New York (USA).

  • E-Commerce and Social Media Retouching

    Visuals play a strong role in determining sales and loyalty towards a product online. Guided by your input, our team will maintain the highest quality in digital retouching to capture the very essence of your product.

  • Body Image Workshops

    With the increasing amount of pressure young people face to conform to a set image, Centaur Marketing runs Body Image workshops. We enable children and teens to gain a new perspective by helping them question, value and embrace their self-image. This contribution to individual betterment has enabled us to develop long-standing and trusted relationships with numerous professionals worldwide.

  • Other Services

    • Advanced Compositing
    • Creative Color Grading
    • Color Correction
    • Product Color Match
    • Film Stock and Grain Replication
    • Proofing
    • Layout
    • Pre-media
    • Clipping Path
    • Masking
    • Background Removal with Drop Shadow
    • Manpower

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