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At Centaur Marketing, we understand that every client, whether in the Philippines, USA, Middle East or elsewhere, is unique, and with that comes demands and expectations specific to their market. By recognizing your needs, we will design a product that commands continued visits from your market.

Customers are always on the move and to accommodate them in today’s ever-changing digital landscape, your digital business card must be desktop, tablet and mobile friendly. Designing a website is easy, but crafting something beautiful, efficient and with a purpose is an art we have dedicated our lives to mastering.

We are all about user experience (UX). A well functioning website enhances the user experience, which in turn, plays a part in boosting your page ranking across search engines.

Our dedicated team of programmers, designers, and content writers put their best foot forward with each client and maintain the utmost professionalism in order to provide you with a finished website or application you’ll be proud to show off!

Web Design Process

Responsive website design with all breakpoints
  • Questionnaires

    Understanding clients is a crucial part of our creative process. A series of meetings and questionnaires will provide us with valuable insight into your business and allow us to adjust our design style to better engage customers.

  • Branding Guide

    The difference between an “ok” website and an excellent one is consistency! Creating a branding guide provides your business with a form of consistency that will then be applied to all the colors, images, and text on your page.

  • Site Navigation & Page Flow

    Perhaps the most crucial stage of the design process. The development of your sitemap will provide us with an early glimpse at how your users will experience your page, as well as insight to how your pages will interact with one another.

  • Wireframes

    Once we have a firm vision of your website and its contents, wireframes will serve as the blueprint which will allow us to plan the layout of its pages, contents, and images.

  • Landing Pages

    Customize support pages that match the design and functionality of the home page. At the same time, we will simultaneously begin the development process to ensure your site is up and running quicker than expected.

  • Responsive

    Multiple designs in varying widths for every page. This ensures that your webpage will look good on any device no matter how big or how small.

  • Review

    Based on your feedback, we will adjust to your specifications and present our second and third round of designs.

  • Final Output

    Final designs will be sent to our developers who will turn the pages into a fully functional website.

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