Last updated on February 1, 2023

Centaur Marketing Team Attends PeepCon 3.0

After two long years of waiting, PeepCon 3.0, the best SEO conference in the Philippines, finally took place last February 17th, 2018, at the Marco Polo Hotel, Grand Ballroom, in Ortigas Center, Pasig City. For the third installment of the convention, a host of prominent local and international SEO experts were invited to share their insights with hundreds of eager participants.

Our team at Centaur Digital Marketing PH Inc. attended the conference, which allowed us to discuss a host of advancements in the industry. As newcomers to the convention, we were not disappointed as the event provided us with a world-class roster of speakers who presented actionable lessons and strategies.

Team Centaur up bright and early for PeepCon

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“The event went off without a hitch”, said Glen Dimaandal, CEO of Glen Dimaandal Inc. (GDI) and organizer of Peepcon 3.0. “More than 300 attendees went home really satisfied with the quality and quantity of insights they got from the speakers.”

World-class Speakers with Actionable Presentations

Peepcon 3.0 speakers
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A total of nine speakers presented at this year’s PeepCon. Speakers included SEO specialists such as:

  • Cyrus Shepard
    As the former director of Moz, Shepard opened the conference by talking about the evolution of SEO, and its state in 2018. He shared his insights on the challenges many in the industry face and what could be done to control it.During the second part of the conference, Shepard used his experience in the field to discuss the importance of on-page optimization.
  • Ruth Burr Reedy (Director of Strategy, UpBuild)
    During her lecture, Reedy discussed the importance of technical SEO and how it should not be taken lightly. She shared a number of techniques and tools to improve performance, crawlability, and indexation.
  • Rob Ousbey (VP Operations, Distilled)
    Ousbey discussed the importance of content in SEO, and why content creators should always think about their target audience without sacrificing their core message.
  • Jec Gonzales (SEO Consultant)
    Picking up from where Ousbey left off, Gonzales took attendees through an in-depth discussion about determining the ideal audience of your content.
  • Jason Acidre (CEO, Xite Interactive)
    In his presentation, Acidre shared techniques on how to effectively build links in 2018, especially for content creators trying to reach out to authoritative websites.
  • Dean Chew (Search Marketing Director, Ayima)
    If there’s anything many SEO professionals avoid, it is Google penalties. Chew gave attendees tips to revoke Google penalties, and most importantly, showed them how to avoid penalties altogether.
  • Dana DiTomasso (Present & Partner, Kick Point)
    DiTomasso shared techniques to improve local listings and how user-engagements play a pivotal role in Google’s future.
  • Sam Nam (CEO, 50x Digital Inc.)
    Using his expertise in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and analytics, Nam talked about the relationship between SEO and SEM.
  • Eric Van Buskirk (Founder, Clickstream)
    The founder of Clicksteam took to the stage where he shared stories from his many years in the field. Notable stories included how his team witnessed different aspects of the industry affect Neil Patel and Brian Dean’s rankings.

Check the link for the full presentation of the speakers:

Our Takeaway

The world of Search Engine Optimization is fast and ever-changing, especially when taking Google’s algorithms into consideration. This is why conferences, where hundreds of SEO professionals gather to discuss the latest updates and advancements, are essential to the growth of Centaur Marketing’s team.

The lessons learned from conferences such as PeepCon 3.0 will help us in better serving our clients. We look forward to attending more conferences and learning new things from experts!