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March 19, 2014


Your Handy Helpers for Maximum Health

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – March 5, 2014 (Manila, Philippines): Health is truly wealth, especially in these days of high stress and environmental concerns. Staying healthy is a virtue that every mindful person must practice, whether he is prone to illness or not. Maintaining optimum fitness maximizes our chances of achieving our goals, making for a healthy community as well.

In maintaining maximum fitness, it helps to watch our weight as well as blood pressure. Weight management keeps obesity, one of the leading causes of harmful illnesses, at bay. Monitoring blood pressure, meanwhile, is sound, preventive care that can save lives. Even healthy individuals can benefit greatly from regularly recording their blood-pressure reading for future medical reference.

Keeping a monitoring routine, however, may not be the easiest of tasks, especially for busy individuals. Few people can take the time to go to a clinic for a blood pressure check or have someone check it at home.

Individuals on a weight reduction regimen, meanwhile, are motivated to lose weight when they have a convenient and easy-to-use slimming device at hand.
Convenient home monitoring and wellness is a highly useful tool in keeping fit. Homedics, the leading global manufacturer of total wellness products, allows users to easily and handily watch their blood pressure or weight in the comfort of their homes, with the simplest and quickest of steps.

Homedics offers home monitoring wellness products that combine accurate measurement, high performance and visual appeal. Its revolutionary products have transformed the lives of millions of consumers worldwide, simplifying once complicated health and relaxation routines for them, in the comfort of people’s homes.

For monitoring blood pressure, the HoMedics Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is a fully automatic wearable device with an extra large screen, date and time stamp and hypertension indicator. It can record up to 60 readings. It comes in a sleek, white color with neon contrasts.

The HoMedics Premium Arm Blood Pressure Monitor is a fully-automatic device that includes an irregular heartbeat indicator and touch control buttons as well as hypertension indicator, date and time stamp and 60-reading memory. The blue-on-white rectangular surface with contrast neon offers a sophisticated look.

The HoMedics Deluxe Arm Blood Pressure Monitor, meanwhile, has a square, white surface with contrast green, yellow and red. It boasts the same features as the Premium Arm Blood Pressure Monitor.

Losing weight becomes easy and breezy with the HoMedics-USL-1000-EU, a device which uses ultrasound waves to reduce fat in hard-to-reach areas of the body. It features four, easy-to-use preset functions for slimming thighs, abdomen, buttocks and arms, all hard to trim areas of the body. It boasts of a calibration function for maximum performance and is clinically proven to be effective in weight reduction. Combined with a healthy diet and plentiful water intake, this ultrasonic device makes slimming down a lot easier and convenient.

HoMedics s distributed in the Philippines by: Ansons, Handyman, Rustans Dep’t Store, Robinsons Appliances, Robinsons Dep’t Store, Blims,, The Landmark Dep’t Stores,, Crossing Dep’t Store,, Makreroom and More, National Bookstore, PCX,, Zalora, S & R, Nemuri, Ace Hardware, Powerbooks, ROX, TrueValue.

Jerm Marketing, Inc. (JERM) is a marketing company that is the exclusive Philippine distributor for Homedics, HMDX, Vanitibasics, Salter, Taylor, Hometouch, Metrokane, Rolser and its newest brand The House of Marley. The company stays true to its mission to be a marketing company and not just another importer or trading company. JERM is committed to meeting personal wellness and home living needs today by providing high quality, value-driven products to Filipino households. JERM Marketing continues to strive towards its goal of becoming a world-class marketing company providing innovative quality products at affordable prices to give exceptional value to its principals and customers.

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