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March 21, 2014


Why We Should Measure Our Food

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – March 5, 2014 (Manila, Philippines): These days when wellness doubly becomes a distinct advantage, keeping healthy and fit is a must. Weight management is not only for vanity but, more important, for optimal health. Obesity, the contemporary scourge of a convenience-driven economy, leads to increased risk of heart disease, diabetes and some cancers. Controlling your weight is the best precaution against these illnesses.

Similarly, food safety is an issue that should not be left to manufacturers. We are all familiar with the horror stories of contaminated meat causing untold grief to consumers. Sadly, food-borne pathogens are a fact of life. Everyone should take responsibility for safeguarding what they eat.

Smart fitness, then, involves carefully watching what you eat, and measuring it, too. It is knowing how much food to put in your body, and at what temperature to kill illness-causing bacteria.

Measure it!
Recording food intake ensures that you get the accurate portion size recommended for good health and calorie monitoring.

But figuring out how much food and drink we consume is not easy. You can’t leave your salt consumption or your slimming strategy on instinct or the nutritional label alone. Doing so leads to gross miscalculations that compromise your dietary goals.

Fats and oils, for example, are so high in calories underestimating portion size probably doubles your calorie total. When a slight increase in sugar intake spells the difference between a lush life and an uncomfortable hospital confinement, accurately measuring serving size no doubt is worth the extra effort.

It is all well to measure food with the cups and spoons in your kitchen cabinet. But, when your helth is at stake, accuracy is a virtue. There is no substitutefor precise measurement. Using a weighing scale that can capture increments eliminates the risks that prompted you to measure food in the first place. Knowing exactly how much food you have taken gives you a better gauge of your blood glucose or salt levels.

Learning to measure food also makes estimating portion size easier when dining out. The more you measure food on your weighing scale, the better you are at visualising portions. This is a handy skill at the restaurant, when you have to eyeball servings. You can’t bring your trusty kitchen scale with you when eating out, but constant measuring at home gives you an eye for weight and volume.

Mind the temperature!
In the same manner, keeping the food you eat safe entails knowing the accurate temperatures for food storage and cooking. To kill harmful bacteria, refrigerators and freezers must be kept at the proper temperatures, and ovens must be heated to the right degree. The internal temperature of cooked food should also be measured to make sure no bacteria survived the oven or grill.

Founded in 1851, Taylor is the authority when it comes to precision measurement. Its range of kitchen weighing scales and thermometers is known for its accuracy, durability and design.

Exercise proper portion control with Taylor’s 5 kg Mechanical Kitchen Scale, which reads in 1oz/50g. increments and has an easy-to-read 4.5-inch diameter dial. The extra large, six-cup bowl is removable and can fit the scale in for compact storage.

The 10 kg scale, meanwhile, measures in 2oz/50g increments and features a large 5 by 5.5 inch dial with black graphics and red pointer. For heavy-duty kitchen measuring, it has an oversized 10 by 7 inch stainless steel tray.

Taylor also boasts of a 5 lb Mechanical Add and Weigh kitchen scale that can weigh multiple ingredients in one bowl. It comes with a 30 oz bowl and a weighing tray and features a rotating dial for quick reset.

Taylor is the acknowledged leader in food thermometers and features a range of thermometers for different needs. The Digital Cooking Thermometer can monitor the cooking temperatures of food without opening the oven door. The Temp Rite Disposable Baking Thermometer is a handy little helper whose color band turns 2/3 red when nearly done and completely red at 195 degrees Fahrenheit. The Classic Hot Beverage Thermometer, meanwhile, ensures that no hot liquids will ever scald your tongue. It can read temperatures up to 220 degrees F and has a shatter-proof plastic lens. The Classic Grill Thermometer is nifty gadget used to determine when the grilling surface has reached proper searing, making for safe, wonderfully cooked meat. For reading internal temperatures, the Classic 1” Instant Read Thermometer has a one-inch dial thermometer and red pointer for easy reading.

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