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November 10, 2020

Red Bull

Visayas skater, Johnpaul Horteza, Wins Nationwide Red Bull DIY Solo Competition

Ten skateboarders from all around the country competed in October’s Red Bull DIY Solo Competition. The Top 5 participants were then selected by professional local skateboarders, Jeff Gonzales and Demit Cuevas, with final placements determined by Asia and 2X SEA Gold Medalist and Olympic Hopeful, Margielyn Didal. You may view the announcement video here.


1st Place  – Johnpaul Horteza | Lapu Lapu City, Visayas

2nd Place – Trunks Manalo | Lapu Lapu City, Visayas

3rd Place  – Marvin Pescador | Cebu City, Visayas

4th Place  – Cesar Mancera | Kidapawan, Mindanao

5th Place  – Kim Bonifacio | Kidapawan, Mindanao


Creating Platforms to Showcase Local Talent

Last September, seventeen skate crews across Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao were given the budget and resources to further enhance their dream DIY skate spots. These skate spots were then used again for the Solo Competition that enabled skaters to showcase their skill and creativity.

“Red Bull DIY goes hand-in-hand with skating,” shares Demit Cuevas. “From building something to skate on to doing tricks. For Red Bull DIY to shell out support not just to build one spot, but to spread the love for skateboarding around the nation is mind-blowing. There’s something for everyone who’s down to do it and it has brought so much exposure to different areas, while bringing people together. Everyone is hyped for the much needed support. It brought the sport closer to home.”

“Red Bull DIY gives a chance to local skaters to get creative and think outside the box,” says Jeff Gonzales. “A lot of skaters are content with skating a small box and a rail. This gives them an opportunity to go beyond that. I’m sure these guys are hyped Red Bull is able to help out the skate community. It brings more life to the skate scene.”

Red Bull DIY Solo Competition Winner
18-year-old Johnpaul Horteza from Visayas, is the very first winner of the Red Bull DIY Solo Competition. Horteza is an avid skater with 7 years of amateur experience.

“Sa una palang, mahilig na ako sa skateboarding. Mahirap pero sulit din kasi natuto ako. Umulan o bumagyo – skate parin. Sa lahat ng sport, ito ang aking nagustuhan,” says Johnpaul Horteza. “Hindi ko naasahan magpa-event ang Red Bull, so na-excite ako. Nag pa-video ako kaagad at solid din kasi nanalo po ako!”

In addition, all five finalists were awarded with additional resources to fully develop their DIY skate setups.

What is Red Bull DIY?

Red Bull DIY is a program that gives back to the local skate community by helping develop and promote DIY skate spots around the country. Supporting both beginner and experienced Filipino skateboarders, Red Bull DIY sponsors their skatepark projects, enabling them to pursue their talents and showcase their skills in a Team Competition and Solo Competition.

About Red Bull

Red Bull gives wings to people by vitalizing body and mind – supporting their dreams and aspirations by giving back to the community like skateboarding and helping them to develop and progress their sport.