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September 01, 2020

Kick-Start Coffee

The Wake-Up Call

How Local Coffee Can Inspire Filipinos in the New Normal

MANILA, Philippines – With standards of living constantly changing, Filipinos are looking for new ways to remain grounded through their work. This month, allow Kick-Start Coffee’s signature blends to enhance your lifestyle as you flourish in the new normal.

Kick-Starting Life in the New Normal
Since the start of community quarantine, Filipinos have been struggling to remain productive in the face of constant change. We are now forced to find consistent productivity in the home – a space that’s often reserved for rest and relaxation. The need to find the perfect ritual to kick-start the workday can be found in something as simple as a freshly brewed cup of premium, locally-roasted coffee.

Launched in 2010, Kick-Start Coffee was developed as an impetus that inspires Filipinos to start, restart, and invigorate. With three signature blends of premium coffee, Kick-Start Coffee serves as the fuel that drives coffee aficionados to excel in any endeavor, whether it’s at home, in the office, or even in the gym.

How is Kick-Start Coffee Produced?
Kick-Start Coffee uses high-quality, raw green coffee beans sourced directly from local Filipino farmers and global origins such as Brazil, Colombia, and Sumatra, Indonesia. This allows Silca Coffee, Kick-Start Coffee’s parent company, to foster long-term relationships that ensures the coffee goes through as little hands as possible.

Beans are roasted in a German-made, semi-automated 60 kilo Probat Coffee Roasting Machine, personally installed by a German engineer who worked closely with the Asuncion family to program Kick-Start’s recipes into the machine’s computer. Once roasted, the coffee is blended and then ground in an industrial American-made grinder that has been optimized to deliver performance and aroma for drip brewers. When each batch is ready to go, Kick-Start Coffee is directly distributed to supermarkets and other wholesale customers. From start to finish, the company follows Current Good Manufacturing Processes (cGMP) and Silca Coffee’s Master Roaster oversees the entire process.

“Our coffee does not stay in our warehouse as finished goods for more than a week,” shares Kick-Start Coffee founder, Mike Asuncion. “We meticulously forecast product and work closely with our merchandisers to deliver the freshest coffee consistently.”.

The Wake-Up Call
This September, experience renewed productivity with a freshly brewed cup of Kick-Start Coffee every morning. A single cup can rejuvenate your senses, empowering you to complete tasks and attain daily goals. Kick-Start Coffee is your impetus, a wake-up call to achieve more that you could ever imagine in a single day.

“Kick-Start Coffee delivers people’s daily boost in a cup,” adds Mike Asuncion. “It’s the coffee people can rely on to fuel their day.”

Kick-Start Coffee is available in all leading supermarkets nationwide! For more information and regular updates, follow Kick-Start Coffee on Facebook and IG @KickStartCoffee #KickstartYourDay #DailyBoost


About Silca Coffee Roasting Company, Inc.
Silca Coffee Roasting Company, Inc. is the roaster and supplier of coffee to top brewed coffee brands, coffee shops, offices, restaurants, and more, for over 20 years. We help businesses that need great coffee.

About Kick-Start Coffee
Kick-Start is the coffee that will get you started even on the most challenging of tasks. We offer three different blend types that truly showcase excellent freshly roasted coffee. Kick-Start Coffee is available at all major supermarkets!