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July 04, 2018

Melissa, Shaira Luna

The Art of Passion: An Inside Look into Shaira Luna’s Dream-Driven Career



MANILA, Philippines – There is no denying the talents of Shaira Luna. From an early age, she graced our TV screens as a “gifted child”. Her passion for learning set her apart and would eventually lead her to forge her own career as one of the most prominent p   hotographers in the country. This July, the thirty-one year old takes her place as Melissa’s Style Maven.

#MeInMelissa is the latest campaign in the Philippines from the Brazilian footwear icon, Melissa Shoes. This fresh and empowering digital campaign will showcase pieces from the brand’s 2018 collection, Open Vibes. Luna shares her talent as the campaign’s official photographer.

“I really love that Melissa shoes are comfortable and squishy”, shares Shaira Luna, chuckling. “Sometimes I take for granted how important footwear is, especially for someone like me who’s on my feet for most of the day. Eventually, I found my way to shoes that fit the bill of being both stylish and comfortable.”

At the age of thirteen, Luna found herself at De La Salle University, undergoing a Bachelor of Science degree in human biology. After switching courses for some time, Luna purchased her first professional camera, a Canon EOS 350D. The camera enabled her to flex her creative muscles and would eventually inspire her to pursue a professional career in photography.

In the decade since, Shaira Luna gradually developed herself to become one of the most prolific young photographers in the country. Luna regularly works with high-profile brands and influential names from the world of art and entertainment.

“Behind the camera, especially when shooting for someone else, I make sure I understand their vision and I understand the output that they need from me”, Luna begins. “I just try to make it work for everyone and keep communication open.”

This level of professionalism extends itself to moments that require Luna to stand in front of the camera.

“When I’m in front of the camera, I try to take the place of the photographer,” Luna adds. “I try to imagine what they need from the shoot and I try to move as quickly as possible. I find it is over much faster if I get what they need, so I tend to move a lot in front of the camera even if it’s awkward for me.”

As a fashion photographer, Luna is well-regarded for her personal sense of style. Self-described as an “ever-evolving” aesthetic, she draws her inspiration from rock ’n roll icons of yesterday and today.

“I love Florence Welch (of Florence and the Machine) so much! I really love her style and her music,” Luna shares. “I also like Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones. I’m very much inspired by icons of the ‘70’s. I’m not sure why. Maybe someday I’ll find out.”



Even then, Luna is quick to admit that a lot of her style inspiration comes from the research she does prior to a shoot.

“In general, I’m very much into the history of fashion and that translates into my style and the people I admire as well,” Luna adds. “I think the reason I got into studying eras of fashion was because of my shoots. So, whenever I have a shoot that’s inspired by a particular period, I find myself going even deeper into what happened during that time, especially the things they wore and why they wore the things they did.”

If there is anything Shaira Luna can share, it’s her love for rediscovering the past through pieces of clothing. “If you just use your imagination, you can try to rework the stuff you already have. Perhaps you can use stuff from your parents and grandparents. You end up with something more unique, something not cookie-cutter. Just something more fun that will put a smile on your face.”

Shaira Luna is an old soul who has built her name by turning her dreams into a successful career. This is reflected in both her personal style and her approach to her work. This bubbly, determined, and highly focused individual has all the qualities that make her the perfect fit as Melissa’s first Style Maven.

About Melissa

Melissa is an iconic global footwear brand from Brazil. Established in 1979, Melissa is highly regarded for its long-lasting and avant-garde designs, and collaborations with a number of high-profile names from the world of art and fashion.

From sexy stilettos to fabulous flats, Melissa shoes have brought fashion and comfort to new heights. Melissa brings the future of fashion to the world.

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