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June 04, 2019


Stay Safe and Warm this Rainy Season with Vaya!

MANILA, Philippines – Summer is officially over, and the rainy season is here once again! Millions of Filipinos prepare themselves for the wet season, with their jackets, caps and umbrellas ready to use anytime. But why limit yourself to keeping just your body safe and dry? Keep your meals safe, warm, and fresh through the strongest of rains with Vaya!

The Philippines gets anywhere from 965 to 4,064 millimeters of rain annually according to Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA). This extreme amount of rainfall often floods low lying areas from the months of June to September, which in turn can cause damage and massive delays in transportation.

Some may find themselves stranded thanks to the flooding. Filipinos often seek out fresh, hot food to keep their spirits up during these cold times. It lifts their moods, keeping them going no matter the weather.

Enjoy a Warm, Comforting Meal Anytime with Vaya

Vaya’s team of seasoned professionals seek to improve people’s lives with a visionary zeal! Everyday products are improved and reimagined to keep food and drinks fresh. Even on the wettest of days, you can enjoy hot and delightful dishes.

Vaya offers three products designed to cheer up anyone looking for sustainable comfort:

  • Vaya Tyffyn – Vaya’s signature, innovative lunchbox keeps multi-course meals warm and fresh for up to six hours, enough to last through even the longest of delays. The stylish and leak resistant Tyffyn is available in different size for all sorts of appetites: 600ml (two containers), 1,000ml (three containers) and 1,300ml (four containers).
  • Vaya Drynk – Keep your favorite drink safe with this insulated, sustainable container. Drynk keeps your beverage hot for 12 hours, or cold for 18 hours. It comes in two sizes, 350 mL and 600 mL, with different lids to keep yourself cozy no matter where you are!
  • Vaya Preserve – For one-pot meals or ingredient storage, Preserve is the way to go. This vacuum-insulated stackable container keeps its contents fresh and ready to go for up to 6 hours. Also available in two different sizes, 300 mL and 500 mL.

Stay Warm and Happy with Vaya

Comfort is just one meal away this rainy season, thanks to Vaya. Keep your full-course meal hot and dry with Tyffyn, your drinks fresh during long trips with Drynk, and your ingredients safe and ready to go with Preserve. Stay warm and dry with Vaya today!

About Vaya                                                                               
Vaya is the coming together of seasoned professionals from across the globe, driven by a visionary zeal to significantly improve people’s lives. The company intends to bring an emotional component in everyday life through the concept of total user experience: a combination of innovative, carefully designed, high-quality products, and smart, useful, friendly services.