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April 01, 2020

KimRey Face & Body Contouring Lounge

Setbacks are an Opportunity to Bounce Back at KimRey Face & Body Contouring Lounge

MANILA, Philippines – KimRey Face & Body Contouring Lounge will be keeping its doors closed in light of the ongoing Enhanced Community Quarantine. This is only our latest measure in ensuring the health and safety of our clients and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Doing Our Part to Inhibit the Spread of COVID-19

KimRey Face & Body Contouring Lounge is among the aesthetic clinics in Quezon City and Pasig, and we believe it is our obligation to keep our clinic free from anything that may threaten health and safety. Before the enhanced community quarantine took effect, we added multiple hand sanitizers throughout our clinic, and subjected both our interior and exterior to professional-grade cleaning and sterilization. Combined with mandatory sick leaves for our personnel and temperature checks for anyone who steps inside the clinic, we kept KimRey virus-free.

However, as we wish nothing but the best for our customers, we made the decision to close down temporarily on March 16th, 2020. We had originally planned to reopen on March 23rd, 2020, but due to the increasing number of COVID-19 cases, KimRey Face & Body Contouring Lounge is now closed until further notice. We urge all our customers to stay home and never forget to wash their hands to prevent any further spread of the virus.

Doctor’s Advice: Looking Forward to the Future

The quarantine may have some effects on your skin and body, but KimRey will have you covered. We have many treatments that can improve your condition and get you back on track! The UltraSlim Pod Treatment is a highly-advanced device that in just under an hour will help you lose any weight you’ve gained during quarantine.

Meanwhile, our resident Dermatologist, Dra. Nanette Macalino, offers many varieties of the 360o Glass Skin and KimRey Signature Facials to brighten up skin and remove any dirt and blemishes from your face. Dra. Macalino also recommends the IV Nutrition Therapy treatments with 4 variants to choose from: Ivory for brightening, Hellenic for slimming, Ambrosia for inner glow, and Vitalogy for that health-boost.

The dullness of your skin, caused by being cooped up inside your home, will be gone once you try our inexpensive but quality treatments!

Bounce Back at KimRey Face & Body Contouring Lounge

As soon as the quarantine ends, KimRey Face & Body Contouring Lounge will be ready to once again serve clients who wish to restore their beauty and bring out their inner glow. Finally, with safety still a concern, we will be implementing the same sanitation guidelines during the first few days of our reopening.

Contact KimRey Face & Body Contouring Lounge at (0917) 119-5816 or visit their website or their social media pages at and to learn more and to receive real-time announcements!




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