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August 18, 2020

Red Bull

Red Bull DIY Aims to Give Back to Filipino Skateboarding Community

MANILA, Philippines – Calling all skaters and skate crews, Red Bull DIY comes to the Philippines to empower Filipino skateboarders and the community with an opportunity to help them construct their dream skate spots.

What is Red Bull DIY?

Red Bull DIY is a community program that gives back to the local skate community by helping develop and promote DIY skate spots around the country. Supporting both beginner and experienced Filipino skateboarders, Red Bull DIY sponsors their skatepark projects, enabling them to pursue their talents and showcase their skills in a Team Competition and Solo Competition.

Red Bull DIY Team Competition

From August 17th, Monday, to August 23rd, Sunday, participating skate crews and skate shops must submit their skatepark designs for a DIY setup. 15 team proposals will be selected and given a budget that must be used to begin construction of their setup. Participating teams are given 13 days to build their setups and upload a 60-second video entry online showcasing their skateboard tricks executed on their finished DIY skate spots. The top 5 teams, to be selected by Asia and 2x SEA Games Gold Medalist, Margielyn Didal, will receive additional funding to help realize their DIY skate spot’s potential. The final placements will be determined and announced by Thrasher Magazine’s 2017 Skater of the Year, Jamie Foy.

The Solo Competition will be announced shortly after the final placements of the Team Competition are announced.

Register Now!

Are you a member of a skate crew with dreams of building your own DIY skate spot? Registrations officially open on Monday, August 17th, 2020. Register now with your team at Use and follow the hashtag #RedBullDIY for more updates.

About Red Bull

Red Bull gives wings to people by vitalizing body and mind – supporting their dreams and aspirations by giving back to the community like skateboarding and helping them to develop and progress their sport.