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May 21, 2012



Audio brand, The House of Marley, launches in the Philippines bringing positive vibrations with its latest collection of headphones, portable sound systems and lifestyle gear.

For Immediate Release – May 15 2012 – Bob Marley sang “make way for that positive day.” As 2012 gets underway, House of Marley, a collection of premium, earth-friendly personal audio products created by the legendary Jamaican Reggae singer’s offspring, has finally made its way to Manila.

The House of Marley was founded by Rohan Marley, the sixth eldest of Bob’s 11 children, with the purpose of embodying the spirit of his late father in each and every product. “When you wear [MARLEY] headphones it tells people what you stand for,” says Rohan, who goes on to explain, “my father spread messages of love, hope, unity, and peace through his music and it is our family’s responsibility and mission to bring his vision to a new generation.”

Earth-friendly, all The House of Marley audio products are created with a focus on using sustainable products in addition to providing exceptional sound that the Marley family is proud to call its own. “We take seriously the responsibility that comes with applying the Marley name to any product, particularly audio equipment, and we are extremely pleased with the feedback we’ve received from all corners of the earth, to our initial collection of MARLEY headphones,” Rohan declares. “We want to give people new ways to experience the sounds of their favorite songs, while giving back to the people and the planet through our non-profit organization, Our father taught us everything we do has to give back, to complete the circle. It’s not enough to make earth-friendly products; we need to support programs that do good and take action.”

The epicenter of a global movement,, sparked by the Marley family, is dedicated to spreading Bob Marley’s message of unity and peace by lifting up a new generation of “young gongs” to strike the hammer for charities, causes, and ideas that can change the world with a focus on youth, planet, and peace. In line with his father’s mission, The House of Marley organization donates five percent of its annual profits to the and is constantly looking for additional ways to give back to the community.

“It has been a fantastic experience taking The House of Marley from country to country and seeing how the universal messages of peace, love and unity transcend all languages and cultures,” says Alon Kaufman, CEO, The House of Marley. “We’re part of a movement at which the Marley family is at the forefront to offer exceptional audio and lifestyle products that can satisfy your soul and move you to action.”

Blessed with a warm reception worldwide upon its retail launch in 2011, The House of Marley enters the Filipino market with an exciting new collection of earbuds and headphones at a reasonable price allowing all music lovers to better enjoy the sounds that makes them move.

“Filipinos are known all over the world for their love for music and laidback happy lifestyle. That’s why we didn’t think twice about bringing Marley to Manila,” said Michael Dypico the Chairman and CEO of JERM Marketing Inc., the exclusive distributor of The House of Marley in the Philippines. Mr. Dypico goes on to express, “It’s the perfect union… a country of music lovers and a brand that gives superior sound quality products, which are also earth friendly and gives back to charity. I was inspired by the brands vision and decided I can help spread Bob Marley’s principle to my own country. Being the exclusive distributor of The House of Marley in the Philippines is also one way of helping the company make more profits, which will in turn, give back to”

The MARLEY Jammin’ collection exudes a colorful and vibrant style, as well as a solid performance designed for “young gongs.” The collection consists of a myriad of headphones in different colors and styles, including: People Get Ready, Smile Jamaica and Positive Vibration headphones from the Jammin’ collection.

The House of Marley products come with the Marley “Signature” Sound, incorporating more than 30 years of audio expertise into the design of the acoustics of their audio products. It is the goal of The House of Marley to produce audio products with smooth, powerful bass, mids with stunning presence, and an energized high-end that brings songs to life. Each product undergoes custom tuning for its particular size, shape and material. Only FSC certified wood (Forestry Stewardship Council) is used on MARLEY products, which assures that the wood they use come from a forest that is replenished making the material truly renewable and sustainable.

The House of Marley, besides expanding its MARLEY audio line, will stay true to its lifestyle roots by introducing watches, bags and other accessories this year in the worldwide market.

In the Philippines, the first trial shipment of the audio line early this year was sold out in S&R Membership Shopping, Ansons Appliances, Reuse, Powerbooks, Selected National Bookstores and Puregold Duty Free. In addition to the mentioned stores, the new collection will be sold in electronics and audio stores, surf shops, APR’s lifestyle stores, department stores and specialty retailers nationwide.

JERM Marketing Inc will continue to extend the product line to include a category of bags that will be available Q4 of this year. They are in the process of opening additional channels and welcome retailers who are interested in becoming Authorize Marley Resellers.

To inquire about House of Marley in the Philippines, please call JERM Marketing Inc. (JMI) at +63.2.838.1631 or email Additional information is available at:

Jerm Marketing, Inc. (JERM) is a marketing company that is the exclusive Philippine distributor for Homedics, HMDX, Vanitibasics, Salter, Taylor, Hometouch, Metrokane, Rolser and its newest brand The House of Marley. The company stays true to its mission to be a marketing company and not just another importer or trading company. JERM is committed to meeting personal wellness and home living needs today by providing high quality, value-driven products to Filipino households. JERM Marketing continues to strive towards its goal of becoming a world-class marketing company providing innovative quality products at affordable prices to give exceptional value to its principals and customers.

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