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April 27, 2019

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Customer-inspired elements draw upon the company’s 165-year heritage of service & innovation

Since the opening of its original apothecary in New York City in 1851, Kiehl’s has become a globally renowned name in the skincare industry for serving its customers the finest formulations made with the most advanced skincare science and uniquely efficacious, natural ingredients. The customer has always been central to Kiehl’s, inspiring each and every company decision from development to sampling to service philosophy 00 and even the design of Kiehl’s store.


Kiehl’s retail stores are inspired by the company’s 165 year heritage and a desire to offer an experiential customer journey. Enveloped in a seamless shopping experience, each store around the world transports the customer to the original pharmacy while simultaneously offering the opportunity for customer discovery and learning.


“What makes Kiehl’s unique is that every visit to one of our stores is different yet the same” stated Kaila Nicdao, Business Unit Director of Kiehl’s Philippines. “Different in that we always aspire to provide highly personalized experience for each customer with the help of our Kiehl’s Customer Representatives. But behind each conversation, it’s always the same apothecary heritage and the same spirit of giving and generosity that is shared.”


A Modern Apothecary with a Rich History

To bring the Kiehl’s apothecary to the Philippines, each material, design element and artifact has been meticulously chosen. Traditional textures like warm wood, marble accents and vintage brass meet modern lab elements including glass and stainless steel.


Beakers, test tubes and mortar & pestles celebrate Kiehl’s pharmacy traditions and original hand-made formulations. And true to its East Village roots, a New York attitude permeates every store, through eclectic design elements like neon lighting, wall murals, graffiti, and exposed brick walls.


“From the moment a customer glances through our store as they pass by, we want to be able to spark their curiosity. Whether it’s through the eye catching neon signs or eclectic wall art, we want to take them on a journey to the NYC quirky world of Kiehl’s,” stated by Joan Hwang, Sr. Product Manager for Kiehl’s Philippines. “The Store of the Future concept elevates this experience for our customers with our enhanced store design. With this, we create a space inviting enough for skincare newbies to be able to explore, but reassuring enough for junkies to have a deep dive on their skin type, concerns, and the ingredients that best answer their needs. This is what makes Kiehl’s unique.”


According to Noelle Tiongson, Visual Merchandising Manager for Kiehl’s Philippines, “We designed around our products to tell their stories – about their ingredients, their origins, and their history. This allows our customers to learn and discover what is best for them. Once a customer has immersed himself in the store, we bring them back to the heart of a Kiehl’s visit – a healthy skin check at our consultation table which serves as the highlight of every Kiehl’s store. This reminds our customers that ultimately, what is most important is that we are able to address their specific needs and concerns.”


A Hub of Expertise

Personalized skincare consultations, delivered by highly trained Kiehl’s Customer Service Representatives (KCRs) are the hallmark of Kiehl’s commitment to service. Since the 1970s, KCRs wear a white lab coat – a continued celebration of the Kiehl’s authentic pharmacy heritage and skincare expertise.


To maximize this expert-customer interaction, Kiehl’s designed a Consultation Table – a comfortable space for customers to learn about formulas while experiencing them on their own skin. From above, this “information hub” is illuminated by brilliant, custom light fixture to evoke an inviting feeling of warmth and approachability.


A Nature-Powered Experience

Visuals of efficacious ingredients from nature are layered throughout the store. Vintage botanical illustrations can be seen on signage and wall murals. Photographs of real ingredients pop within poster artwork and table props often include actual natural ingredients.


Powerful, Yet Safe Dermatologist Solutions

The brand’s most advanced, targeted line of skincare, launched in partnership between Kiehl’s chemists and a panel of world-class Dermatologists, and scientific experts, is presented in a simple fixture, organized by concern, allowing the customer to quickly find the solution right for his or her unique skincare needs.



Meet Mr. Bones

Affectionately nicknamed “Mr. Bones,” this skeleton is featured in each store around the world as a nod to Kiehl’s traditions in medicinal sciences and apothecary arts. Originally featured in the NYC flagship, founding family members, Aaron Morse used Mr. Bones to educate customers about their own physiology.


Curated for Customers, by Customers

To  highlight Kiehl’s most beloved formulas, the “Customer Favorites” section showcases best-sellers from the local community. Kie hl’s Customer Representatives share their personal experiences with the products, creating an authentic, informative and relevant customer experience.


Re-Opening in Ayala Center Cebu

After being in Cebu for almost 5 years, Kiehl’s Philippines unveiled the 1st store of the future in Visayas in a summer-themed event on April 27, 2019. Media and members of the Kiehl’s Rewards program were invited to learn about the importance of having a summer-specific routine before they were taken through the new elements and improved store design,


About Kiehl’s Since 1851

We are dedicated to providing the most efficacious and personalized skincare solutions to everyone, everywhere’ it’s part of our “Healthy Skin Guarantee.” Come visit our stores to get a complimentary personalized Skincare Consultation care of our experts Kiehl’s Customer Representatives. True to our spirit of service, we are proud to offer you samples of our finest formulas so you can “Try Before You Buy.”