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January 22, 2020

Keepr Storage PH’s 30-Day Declutter Challenge

MANILA, Philippines – The New Year is an exciting time, filled with seemingly endless possibilities for a better and brighter future. For many families in Metro Manila, this often begins with decluttering the home to determine what to keep and what to give away. Keepr Storage PH understands how hard starting can be for many households. And because of this, Keepr has developed an engaging 30 Day Declutter challenge to get you started!

“January is the perfect time to declutter,” shares Keepr Storage PH founder, Anna Moncupa. “Starting the new year free of clutter sets a very good tone for the rest of the year. I spread it out in 30 days so it’s not overwhelming and very attainable despite one’s busy schedule.”

  • Keepr Storage PH’s 30-Day Declutter Challenge
  • Day 1 – Fridge & Freezer
  • Day 2 – Pantry
  • Day 3 – Kitchen I
  • Day 4 – Holiday Decor
  • Day 5 – Dresser
  • Day 6 – Master’s Bedroom
  • Day 7 – Bags
  • Day 8 – Closets Part 1
  • Day 9 – Closets Part 2
  • Day 10 – Stock Room
  • Day 11 – Medicine Cabinet
  • Day 12 – Books & Magazines
  • Day 13 – Mail & Receipts
  • Day 14 – Home Office
  • Day 15 – Garage
  • Day 16 – Laundry Area
  • Day 17 – Linens
  • Day 18 – Living Area
  • Day 19 – Junk Drawer
  • Day 20 – TV Area
  • Day 21 – Other Bedrooms 1
  • Day 22 – Other Bedrooms 2
  • Day 23 – Toys
  • Day 24 – Kitchen II
  • Day 25 – Cars
  • Day 26 – Personal Files 1
  • Day 27 – Personal Files 2
  • Day 28 – Household Files
  • Day 29 – Email/Computer
  • Day 30 – Mobile Phone

“Keepr’s challenge is a manageable and realistic guide to decluttering,” adds Moncupa. “When developing the challenge, I took into account how we live in our homes as Filipinos. The whole challenge was developed to ensure the home is always ready for frequent family gatherings. We can keep what we want, with the allowance to have space for more. But most importantly, it allows us to donate and discard what we can, instead of putting everything in storage.”

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