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December 10, 2020

Moovr PH

Introducing Moovr PH: A New Way to Get Around the City

MANILA, Philippines – Moovr PH, powered by Keepr Storage PH, is the first ever bike and e-scooter sharing company that provides easy and sustainable mobility for Filipinos wanting to beat the city traffic. Available on both Android and iOS devices following its digital launch this December, Moovr PH will service residents and workers in the Philippines starting with Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

Personal Mobility Devices That Promote Safe Outdoor Leisure and Sustainability
Moovr PH is the Philippines’ first ever PMD-sharing mobile app for Filipinos who wish to engage in leisurely outdoor activities while practicing safe, physical-distancing. The app empowers the public with immediate and 24-hour access to personal mobility devices (PMD) that come in two options: a single gear bike and an easy-to-use electric scooter built for safe and comfortable rides in-and-around the city. The whole fleet of bikes and e-scooters will be regularly disinfected and sanitized, and can be accessed through Moovr Hubs that are within walking distance anywhere in Bonifacio Global City.

Aside from safety, Moovr PH also practices sustainability by promoting the use of their bikes and e-scooters which produce only 1% of the carbon released by standard cars. The company, with intentions to ultimately solve last-mile problems in the Philippines, is looking to extend to more locations in the Metro – something many Filipinos will benefit from.

Bringing last-mile solutions to the Philippines, Moovr PH uses the same technology and user-friendly platform as those used in Europe, the US, and Canada.

How Does Moovr PH Work?

  1. Create an Account
    Download the Moovr PH app on your mobile device and follow the form to create an account through e-mail, Facebook, or Google.
  2. Find Your Ride
    Once your profile is activated, simply find your ride by walking to the nearest Moovr Hub. Don’t forget to have your personal helmet ready!
  3. Travel to Destination
    Upon reaching the Moovr Hub, select your vehicle and unlock it by scanning the QR code to start riding. Vehicles can be rented for a maximum of 24 hours and e-scooters must be returned if the battery is below 15%. Remember to drive only on the designated lanes and obey traffic laws. The Moovr Hub will direct you to the nearest designated parking area closest to your destination between rides.
  4. End in a Moovr Hub
    Once your journey is complete, simply park and lock your bike in a Moovr Hub and end the ride on your app.

Advertise with Moovr
In addition, Moovr PH presents opportunities for brands to advertise. Ads can be placed and printed in Moovr’s bikes and e-scooters, with digital options available as pop-up and banner displays on the mobile app. You can contact Moovr PH at to learn more!

Moovr PH: Mobility for Every Juan

Download Moovr now on the App Store and Google Play. Moovr provides easy and sustainable mobility for Filipinos living and working in Bonifacio Global City. Rates for use of the bikes starts at PHP 60.00 per hour (charged as PHP 15.00 for every 15 minutes or a fraction thereof), and PHP 150.00 per hour for e-scooters (charged as PHP 50.00 for every 20 minutes or a fraction thereof).


About Moovr PH Powered by Keepr Storage PH
Moovr is the Philippines’ first bike and e-scooter sharing company. We provide easy and sustainable mobility for Filipinos wanting to beat the city traffic. Download the Moovr PH app on iOS or Android to get started!