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June 22, 2024

Indulge Yourself at KimRey: Face & Body Contouring Lounge

MANILA, Philippines – This 2020, allow yourself to let go and open up to a new world of rejuvenation at KimRey Face & Body Contouring Lounge. Located just outside of Eastwood City, KimRey offers a host of state-of-the-art, minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures that are designed to invigorate the face and body for a refreshed and younger appearance.

An Introduction to KimRey Face & Body Contouring Lounge
KimRey was founded by KimRey CEO Claire Kimble, KimRey COO Anna Reyes, and KimRey President Vanessa Lee – three open-hearted sisters from a big, close-knit family that spent their formative years in the United States. The three sisters came together to start a business over something they loved.

“We were thinking of a business that is connected to something we love to do. What do we love to do? Aside from traveling, we love beautification!” shares KimRey co-founder and COO, Anna Reyes.

KimRey: Making State-of-the-Art Beautification Within Reach
At its flagship clinic in Quezon City, KimRey provides patients with access to a host of minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures, using world-class, officially-licensed, FDA-approved procedures.

“We love going to salons and we know it’s not affordable for regular working people, so why we don’t we come up with an aesthetic center we can market to the working class?”, says Anna Reyes.

Compared to other high-end cosmetic centers in Metro Manila, KimRey Face & Body Contouring Lounge seeks to provide the finest service to working-class Filipinos at fair prices. “KimRey has first-class machines and customer service. We make sure that we provide excellent customer service, while maintaining a strong bond among our staff. We make sure we nurture both the company and the people- the employees and customers alike. KimRey allows everyday Filipinos to be within reach of state-of-the-art service for beautification.”

The KimRey Foundation
In order to give back and uplift communities all around Metro Manila, the sisters behind KimRey plan on launching the KimRey Foundation. Through this foundation, the sisters, together with their whole family and the employees at KimRey, can provide various charities with monthly outreach efforts.

“The KimRey Foundation started as a charity event among us sisters and our children,” says Anna Reyes. “We began to visit orphanages to give back, while showing our kids how blessed we are. Next year, we want to do a big charity with the whole company.”

Experience the Best at KimRey Face & Body Contouring Lounge
This Holiday season, look and feel your best at KimRey Face & Body Contouring Lounge. KimRey Face & Body Contouring Lounge is set for its soft opening on December 2019, at their flagship clinic at Unit 8 & 9 3/F Richmond Centre 8001 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave. Bagumbayan, Quezon City. Contact KimRey Face & Body Contouring Lounge at (0917) 119-5816 to learn more.




About KimRey Face & Body Contouring Lounge
Founded by sisters Claire Kimble, Anna Reyes, and Vanessa Lee, KimRey Face & Body Contouring Lounge provides world-class, state-of-the-art, minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures to working-class Filipinos all across Metro Manila.