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July 14, 2024


Grow With Frotea

Expand Your Business By Operating Your Own Authentic Taiwanese Milk Tea Franchise

MANILA, Philippines – Frotea is one of the fastest-growing milk tea brands in the Philippines. With branches located throughout Luzon and Visayas, Frotea offers quality drinks at prices anyone can afford. Entrepreneurs from all sectors in the Philippines can now grow by simply purchasing their very own Frotea franchise!

Authentic Taiwanese Milk Tea at Affordable Prices
A Palawan favorite since 2012, Frotea is a cozy destination where people from all walks of life can relax and enjoy a refreshing drink. Through the company’s full-service commissary, Frotea sources all its ingredients directly from Taiwan. This ensures that the standards of Frotea’s products remain consistently high, while maintaining a low standard retail price (SRP) for budget-conscious consumers.

“Frotea imports its own stock directly from Taiwan, making sure that all ingredients are made from the highest quality and we save a lot on costs,” says Frotea founder, Engr. Ana Lustre Malijan. “We don’t compromise the quality of our milk teas.”

Each Frotea store is more than just a café: it is a destination designed to inspire comfort and vibrance, a mood that reflects today’s creatively-charged millennial lifestyle. Frotea offers a selection of drinks, including:

  • Milk Tea (starts at PHP 55.00)
    Frotea’s signature milk tea blends, brewed exclusively from authentic Taiwanese teas.
  • Fruit Tea (starts at PHP 55.00)
    A refreshing collection of fruit-based teas made better with popping boba.
  • Cheesecake Series (starts at PHP 80.00)
    Elevates your milk tea experience by satisfying your cheesecake cravings.
  • Rock Salt & Cheese Series (starts at PHP 70.00)
    Frotea’s frothy mouth-watering selection of savory yet refreshing favorites.
  • Creampuff Series (stats at PHP 80.00)
    Frotea takes its signature milk tea to the next level with the addition of delectable cream puff bits!

Open Your Own Frotea Franchise Now!
Frotea is now open for business. Earn as much as PHP 30,000 a day when you grow with Frotea by purchasing your very own Frotea franchise for an all-inclusive package of just PHP 350,000.00. This package includes everything you need to launch your own franchise today: stall, supplies, and manpower.

“We have main goals for our franchise,” adds Engr. Ana Lustre Malijan. “We want to develop good, long-term relationships with our franchisees and we want them to get their investments back as soon as possible. With this in mind, I believe that we can work better to achieve both our goals, a win-win situation for us and our franchisees.”

Visit Frotea online (https:/// to learn more and be sure to follow Frotea on social media (FB: froteaphilippines / IG: froteaphilippines) for regular updates and promotions.


About Frotea
Established in September 2012 at Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Frotea offers delightful drinks that just fits into anyone’s unique lifestyle. Whether you’re a student on a budget, a generous young professional, or just on the way to major adulting, the prices of our authentic Taiwanese milk teas are irresistibly affordable for people from all walks of life, served at our very cozy stores through heartfelt customer service.