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November 04, 2021


Get to Where You Need to Go Within Minutes with Moovr

MANILA, Philippines – Moovr PH, the first bike and e-scooter sharing company in the Philippines, has been offering zero-emission short-distance rides since its launch in 2020. This November, the company will offer its services through the Moovr app in Makati City to provide residents and workers with an accessible, affordable, and efficient alternative to get to their destinations within minutes.

According to Anna Moncupa, founder and CEO of Moovr, the fast-paced lifestyle in Makati is the reason the company chose the city for its next location. “With the launch of Moovr in Makati City, we can provide all Makatizens with an accessible transportation alternative that prioritizes their health and safety. I am excited to finally launch Moovr in the city this month, so everyone can experience the convenience of riding bikes and e-scooters around the city for faster and safer travel,” she explains.

Makati City is the leading bike-friendly central business district in Metro Manila and continuously supports cyclists who ride their bikes around the city for work or leisure. The launch of Moovr PH in Makati is in partnership with AyalaLand, which is paving the way for many on-ground initiatives to continually shape Makati into the leading bike-friendly city.

As of Q3 this year, there are more bike lanes along Ayala Avenue and sharrows – or shared bike lanes – now exist in Legaspi and Salcedo Villages. There are also bike ramps in the Makati City underpasses. In Q4 of this year, new bike stations will be installed in areas of Legaspi Village to accompany the launch of Moovr to pave the way for new Bike-and-Dine initiatives in Makati Al Fresco parklets.

Providing a Sustainable Mode of Transportation for City Travel

Global data from TheWorldCounts shows that tourism contributes to more than 5% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, with 90% coming from transportation. This leads to the depletion of local natural resources and contributes to pollution, waste, and damage to land areas and bodies of water.

Sustainable travel is a rapidly growing industry with immense potential to benefit the environment and the economies of popular tourist destinations. By managing the travel sector responsibly and providing alternative travel options, countries are working together to combat climate change.

With many short-distance trips taking place in Makati every day, Moovr provides a sustainable option that lets people beat the city traffic and move with ease. Moovr offers a single gear bike or an easy-to-use electric scooter that customers can ride in-and-around the city conveniently while doing their part to reduce carbon emissions.

How to Get Where You Need to Go with Moovr

  1. Download the Moovr app for free from the App Store or Google Play Store and create an account by signing up by registering your email address or linking your Facebook or Google accounts.
  2. Once your profile is activated, find your ride easily by going to the nearest Moovr Hub. Helmets are not required but are encouraged for personal safety.
  3. Once you reach the Moovr Hub, select your vehicle and unlock it by scanning the QR code to start riding. Vehicles can be rented for a maximum of 24 hours and e-scooters must be returned if the battery is less than 15%. Remember to drive only in designated lanes and obey traffic rules. The Moovr app will direct you to the nearest designated parking spot near your destination between rides.
  4. Once your ride is complete, simply park and lock the bike or scooter in the Moovr Hub and end the ride in your app.

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Moovr is the first bike and e-scooter sharing company in the Philippines. We provide Filipinos with easy and sustainable mobility in their cities. Download the Moovr PH app on iOS or Android to get started!