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October 03, 2019

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GenCell Launches Fuel Cells in the Philippines to Take Back Control of its Power!

MANILA, Philippines – Israel-based GenCell Energy is proud to announce the launch of its products to the Philippine market. GenCell’s ultra-reliable, zero-emission, long-duration fuel cells are seismic-certified and engineered using the same breakthrough technology that has powered American and Russian spacecraft.  GenCell seeks to back up local businesses with a constant source of clean energy that can withstand a number of common causes of power outages including brownouts, natural disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons and other severe weather conditions.

According to CEO Rami Reshef, “The Philippines suffers some of the worst and most extreme weather incidents in the world and the situation is not expected to improve. The large-scale, regular use of diesel generators during outages only compounds environmental issues that are increasingly understood to impact the local climate.”

A Brief Look into GenCell’s Revolutionary Technology
Established in 2011, GenCell develops fuel cell solutions in order to provide the world with a stable source of clean energy. The company has grown to host over 90 employees, including veterans of Space projects.  GenCell’s global team of experts have continuously innovated the company’s portfolio of fuel cells with patented technologies to make available reliable, clean and affordable hydrogen-based back-up power for a wide range of industries. The G5 backs up rural and urban telecom sites, bank ATMs, utility substations and other applications for which a constant power source is crucial.

Outages preventing the completion of routine financial and other business operations cause significant missed revenues. As an example, there are over 20,000 bank ATMs across the Philippines, including 8,000 on islands, that need reliable backup power to process transactions during outages. Deploying GenCell backup solutions could recover banks missed revenues of anywhere between thousands to millions over five years for each ATM.  Not only banks, but retail, health care and other businesses can earn substantial revenues by securing reliable backup power.

Understanding the Need for Constant and Reliable Alternatives to Power in the Philippines
In the Philippines, finding a reliable source of sustainable back-up energy has been a decades-long problem. Issues such as weather changes, aging infrastructure and technical glitches frequently paralyze areas of the country that suffer disruptions to grid power.

The last two years alone have seen the country pushed to its limits in the wake of Typhoon Ompong and the two major earthquakes that shook the country last April. These events caused widespread damage on a national level, prompting total blackouts in several provinces including Pampanga and Zambales.

These factors, combined with the growing concerns from climate change, have compelled GenCell to take action in the Philippines to provide 100% clean and continuous power. GenCell’s fuel cell solutions are a game-changing alternative to traditional battery and diesel-based generators that often run for seven hours a day or more.

GenCell’s hydrogen-based solutions produce no emissions, noise, or vibrations and provide immediate back-up power to businesses facing tropical storms.

“Businesses in the Philippines are looking for clean, reliable power sources to reduce the significant disruption that power outages cause to daily business and quality of life,” remarks CEO Rami Reshef. “As a result, we are seeing strong interest in our fuel cell solutions, and we’re pleased to partner with a local Philippine-based distributor to bring our clean, long-duration fuel cells to the region.”

Philippine Distribution
GenCell’s products are distributed in the Philippines by Amorele Technology, Inc. Based in Biñan, Laguna, Amorele is a full-service, single source Information Technology Solutions and Services company that provides advanced and high-quality service to businesses in the Philippines.

According to Alain Caparanga of Amorele Technology Inc., “We were immediately struck by the benefits that GenCell fuel cells could bring to our country. In some Philippine islands, we regularly experience grid failures lasting as long as 12 hours with at least two-to-three brownouts per week. During these periods, everything stops. To bridge this gap, thousands of diesel generators are installed everywhere. Noisy, leaking, and polluting, these generators cause harm to the environment as well as being costly and difficult to maintain and not always reliable. GenCell solutions can provide a resilient and sustainable alternative!”

The following GenCell products will be distributed locally under Amorele Technology Inc.:

  • GenCell G5 Long-Duration UPS
    An alkaline fuel cell that runs on hydrogen cylinders to provide critical back-up for indoor and outdoor applications across a wide range of industrial applications, in particular focusing on the needs of telecom towers and bank ATMs.
  • GenCell G5RX Utility Back-up Power Solution

The unit comes with a protective shelter built and certified to withstand 7.2 magnitude earthquakes.

  • GenCell A5 Off-Grid Power Solution
    The world’s only ammonia-based off-grid fuel cell power solution. The A5 extracts hydrogen from liquid ammonia and boasts a cost of ownership lower than a traditional diesel generator. It is ideal for rural and remote communities and can provide enough fuel for an entire year.


GenCell is pleased that by providing rural communities and businesses with a safer, affordable, and above all reliable alternative power source the company can support the efforts of the Philippines to continue to grow as a leader in Southeast Asia.

GenCell CEO Rami Reshef perfectly surmises the future of the Philippines, remarking, “We hope that our fuel cell technology can help the region to take back control of its power and start tackling local climate change head-on.”


About GenCell Energy
GenCell fuel cell solutions offer affordable, clean power for humanity that renders diesel generators obsolete. Using the ultra-reliable technology that powers American and Russian spacecraft, we deliver backup power for utilities, homeland security, healthcare and automated industries. Our revolutionary process to create hydrogen-on-demand from anhydrous ammonia (NH3) will enable our fuel cell solutions to provide primary power for off-grid and poor-grid telecom as well as rural electrification. GenCell has more than 90 employees, including many veterans of Space programs. The company is headquartered in Israel with a worldwide distribution and support network and has unique intellectual property that includes patents, trade-secrets and know-how.