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September 04, 2018

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Fashion Has No Age: Tessie Singson for #MeInMelissa

MANILA, Philippines – There is no denying the power of youth in the twenty-first century. But every now and again, a certain kind of woman comes along to challenge popular convention. In the world of fashion, Lola Androgynous (Tessie Singson) has become a symbol to women of all ages thanks to her daring and unabashedly playful aesthetics. And with this, Melissa Shoes is proud to recognize her as a #MeInMelissa Style Maven for the month of September.

“I’m really grateful for the people who appreciate my personal style,” Lola Androgynous shares. “They inspire me to look my best, so in return I would be able to make them smile and inspire them to have fun dressing up as well.”

#MeInMelissa is the latest campaign by Melissa Shoes, the iconic Brazilian footwear manufacturer. This inspiring campaign features passionate and successful women whose distinct and individual styles best represent Melissa’s 2018 Open Vibes collection.

Known to thousands on social media, Lola Androgynous’ love for fashion began at an early age. “My mom always enjoyed dressing me up since I was the only rose among the thorns. I grew up with three very butch brothers.”

Ten years ago, she found further inspiration through her son, fashion blogger, JP Singson. Following a series of trips to hubs such as San Francisco, California, and Tokyo, Japan, JP introduced his mother to gender-neutral stylings.

“My son introduced me to this world of fashion and we talk the same language in terms of fashion,” Lola Androgynous begins. “He knows exactly what I like and what looks great on me. I look up to strong, stylish women like fashion blogger, Lyn Slater (Icon Accidental), and style icon, Iris Apfel. These women are not afraid to express themselves through fashion and inspire women like me to dress unapologetically. They are living examples that you can still have fun with what you wear, regardless of age.”

Together with JP, Lola Androgynous began to share her outfits online. “People started complimenting my style. Eventually, this led to chronicling my outfits on a fashion blog JP created. Now, my fashion diary is more accessible thanks to Instagram.”

In the years since, Lola Androgynous has become a popular fixture on social media. Every day, thousands of users from the Philippines and beyond log-on to Instagram to check out her adventures around the world and her slaying looks!

Good footwear has the power to pull an outfit together, while standing out as a statement piece. Many women have now begun to seek pairs that enable them to maintain comfort while staying relevant; a unique asset that Melissa provides with every product.

According to Lola Androgynous, “Shoes are very important in my wardrobe because it can make or break an outfit.”

A self-proclaimed ‘mom on the go’, Lola Androgynous is drawn to Melissa’s low-maintenance and comfortable approach to stylish footwear. This comes through in her footwear choice for her Style Maven’s shoot, the Melissa She, among other favorites that include Bend and Ulitsa Sneaker; signature Melissa pieces that blend with her personality and minimalistic approach to style.

“I love the variety of styles that cater to every single woman in the planet. I’m absolutely sure there’s one, two, or more pairs that would suit any woman’s fancy. Melissa shoes are affordable, you don’t have to break the bank to look fabulous!”

Lola Androgynous is living proof that you can never be too young to have a quirky and irreverent personal aesthetic. It’s this defining quality that makes her a #MeInMelissa Style maven.

About Melissa

Melissa is an iconic global footwear brand from Brazil. Established in 1979, Melissa is highly regarded for its avant-garde designs, sustainable materials, and collaborations with a number of high-profile names from the world of art and fashion.

From sexy stilettos to fabulous flats, Melissa shoes have brought fashion and comfort to new heights. Melissa brings the future of fashion to the world.



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