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March 12, 2020


EJ Obiena and Junna Tsukii: How they power through the Olympic Quest

MANILA, Philippines – The 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics is just around the corner. With thousands of athletes set to compete for national and international glory, the Philippines has seen a string of successful victories on the lead up to the Tokyo games.  For Tokyo 2020 Olympian EJ Obiena and Olympic hopeful Junna Tsukii, aminoVITAL® has effectively provided them with the motivation and power to bring home Olympic gold this July at the Summer Olympics.

In her quest to qualify for the Olympics, Ms. Junna Tsukii has participated in various Karate matches around the world. She is now ranked 10th in the world and racing for time to enter the Olympics. “aminoVITAL® has given me the strength to push myself when I train,” shares 30th Southeast Asian Games Karate gold medalist, Junna Tsukii. “I have been training very hard to get into the Olympics. I know that when this happens, I will be competing for the Philippines. I believe that I can overcome any challenge that stands in my way. And with the power of aminoVITAL®, I want to be victorious at the Tokyo Olympics.”

aminoVITAL® is Ajinomoto’s newest sports nutrition brand. It is a jelly-based drink that contains 3,000mg of amino acids, including BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acid). aminoVITAL®, together with proper diet,  helps reduce fatigue and muscle loss during high-intensity training and strenuous physical activity.”

“aminoVITAL® has helped me maintain my energy in training,” says pole vaulter, EJ Obiena. “I train for four hours, and my energy just goes down. But with aminoVITAL®, I take a sip at the start and middle of training and I’m full of energy until the end. It’s really helpful, and hopefully, everyone has the chance to try it out.”

Understanding the need to encourage Filipino athletes nationwide, Ajinomoto introduced aminoVITAL® to the Philippines in November 2019 and wasted no time in empowering a growing number of gold medalists. The Philippines emerged as the biggest winner at the 2019 Southeast Asian Games, scoring 386 medals in total. With 149 Gold Medal wins, Filipino athletes across all ages and disciplines established the country as a dominant force towards the 2021 Southeast Asian Games. The Philippines also looks forward to clinching medals for the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games. As the first Filipino athlete to qualify for the Olympics, Obiena understands the pressure on his shoulders.


“What keeps me motivated in each jump is my will to always push and give my best in every attempt,” adds  Obiena. “Because I believe in the game day. That’s where it all matters. That’s where everything sinks in. I’m attempting something big. I brought my a-game in every training. I pushed myself. Motivated or unmotivated, I push everything that I have. Therefore, I’m as ready as I can ever be.”

aminoVITAL® is now available on LazMart, an online store on LazMall, and selected Chris Sports branches for just PHP 100.00 per pack. Simply consume aminoVITAL® 30-minutes before any activity and allow yourself to reach heights of physical accomplishments. For more information about Ajinomoto and its products, visit and

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