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May 21, 2011



Premium Outdoor Specialist, The North Face, Promotes Nature Amongst Our Youth In Tandem With The Release Of Its Newest Children’s Line

For Immediate Release: In a society now dominated by computers and smartphones, gaming consoles, and most recently, Facebook and Twitter, it has become increasingly more difficult to think back to what our lives were like prior to all the gadgets and technological advancements. As fun as it is to be nostalgic, the better part of today’s youth do not have these memories. Most children these days are oblivious to what “snail mail” is and are more familiar typing on their keyboards and QWERTY keypads then they are physically writing their own names.

In line with the recent launch of The North Face’s newest children’s centric apparel line, the aim of The Great Camp Out campaign is to combat this growing distance from nature by reintroducing the wilderness to our nation’s youth and their parents through exciting events and other introductory outdoor survival concepts.

Organized by parent company, The Primer Group of Companies, over 30 families joined staff and outdoor specialists in Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna, for the first of three Great Camp Outs to be held this year.

Attendees arrived in the afternoon on May 21st and were first brought around to four major stations setup to learn about basic camping skills: Backpacking, whose instructors taught how to pack the most efficient bags with the most appropriate supplies; Camp Activities, which taught, amongst other things, how to operate a mini-outdoor gas stove required to cook meals; Leave No Trace Behind, which stressed the importance of proper food disposal and the preservation of our environment; and Tent Pitching, which showed all guests how to properly setup and tether down their tents.

Using the skills they just learned, families setup their tents and cooked their own dinners over open fires as the day turned to night. After dinner, campers gather around a bombfire to play games and cook marshmallows before retiring for the night under the stars.

First time campers, Rowena and 10 year-old daughter, Gabby Chuatoco, were signed up for the trip by a friend. “A son of a very good friend of ours signed us up,” say Rowena. “This is Gabby’s first time camping. She loves nature so this is a good intro.” When asked what the most memorable part of the trip was, Gabby responded, “I like putting up our tent. It was fun.”

Guests in the morning packed up their camping gear and prepared for the upcoming Adventure Races that were held after breakfast. Families of two competed in seven different activities: Water Toss, Knot Untying, Blindfolded Puzzle, Bike Race, Three-Legged Race, Backpacking and Tent Pitching with the winning team earning an all expense paid adventure for five in December 2011 to the Ultimate Camp Out held in Mt. Pulag, the highest summit in the Philippines.

Mother / daughter team Patricia and Gabby Guieb (15y.o.) came in first with the fastest time of 21 minutes. When asked at the end how they heard about The North Face Great Camp Out, Patricia responded, “We saw it on a poster in R.O.X. and did it as an adventure. We never camped before but had a great time and will definitely do it again!”

The North Face Division Manager, Mr. Jundel Ilagas, was equally as excited about the program. “We just came out with a youth line and decided to use this as a fun way to introduce the line to parents and kids to show how functional it is.” He goes on to say, “We really want to promote nature and show a hassle free transition from the city life to weekends outdoors.”

When asked what’s in store for the brand, Mr. Ilagas replies, “We will have the second leg of the Great Camp Out in Davao in September and third leg in Cebu in November. [The] North Face will also continue expanding its children’s line throughout the year.”

With over 7,000 different islands in the Philippines all teeming with history and unexplored wildlife / habitats, hopes are that the Great Camp Out encourages our nation’s youth to be more adventurous and interested in what our great planet has to offer as opposed to only with their facebook accounts and iPads.

The North Face is exclusively distributed by The Primer Group of Companies in: Power Plant Mall, SM Mall of Asia, Shangri-La Plaza Mall, SM City Davao, Glorietta 4 Ayala Center, SM City Cebu, SM Megamall and all Recreational Outdoor xchange (R.O.X.) and Bratpack locations nationwide.

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