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October 03, 2012



For Immediate Release: October 2, 2012 – MORE and more, the food industry is paying attention to people’s need to pursue healthy lifestyles. After all, living healthily has become a happy choice for many and eating well, both a joy and a creed.

As one of the pioneers of healthy eating in the food service business, Kenny Rogers Roasters remains at the leading edge of bringing health and good nutrition to one’s dining table. Its famously succulent roast chicken is still one of the healthiest restaurant food choices around, appreciated by all not only for its lower levels of cholesterol but also for its special aromatic flavors.

Kenny Rogers Roasters takes pains to offer an ever-widening menu of healthy bites for its customers. Apart from partaking of its popular rotisserie-cooked chicken, health-minded diners are spoiled for choice: there’s the Roast Chicken Sandwich – rotisserie chicken mixed with a special salad dressing on romaine lettuce in wholemeal bread; there’s the Classic Healthy Plate – ¼ Roast Chicken, Vegetable Salad, Fruit Salad, and Corn Muffin; there’s the Low Calorie Meal – Grilled Fish, Steamed Vegetables, Garlic Rice and drink; along with a full assortment of healthy side dishes, salads and desserts.

Spreading the message of healthy eating and living is also a mission at Kenny Rogers. The restaurant has recently enlisted the help of celebrity role models whose healthy lifestyles are a source of inspiration for many. Award-winning actress Iza Calzado and football players, brothers Phil and James Younghusband , are the epitome of healthy lives and attitudes.

Says Meggie B. Jose, the brand’s Marketing Director, “We chose Iza, James, and Phil to be our brand ambassadors because all three of them live healthy lives. We wanted the faces that would carry the brand to define what ‘deliciously healthy’ is, and all of them have achieved that.”

Kenny Rogers appreciates all the hard work the three have put into building healthy lifestyles. Their inspiring attitudes and daily routines, the brand feels, are just right messages that would inspire Kenny Rogers’ customers to pursue healthy lifrestyles.

“As athletes, Phil and James live active lives,” Meggie relates. “We can just imagine how much work they need to do with their team’s training, club matches, and their football academy! This kind of active lifestyle is what we admire about them, and how we believe they have embodied the concept of being healthy.”

Iza, she goes on, has “mastered the art of living a healthy life.”

“She’s really an advocate of healthy living – she goes on regular workouts, and will not say no to trying out new physical challenges like core kinesis or try out running. You cannot find this kind of determination anywhere without looking hard, and we found it in her.”

And, all three, of course, love Kenny Rogers’ food.

“We can say with confidence that each brand ambassador enjoy Kenny Rogers food, and have shared Kenny Rogers meals with their family and friends,” says Meggie.

Phil has been a long-time endorser and both brothers have been regular patrons of Kenny Rogers. Rea V. Cruz, Kenny Rogers General Manager agrees, saying “We also know that they share our food with their teammates, and the brand has been part of important events in their lives. They have their favorite plates, but they make sure that they try every new dish that we offer. They were big fans of our Christmas muffins in 2010, and as of late, Phil and James both love our newest Spicy Chicken Wrap.”

“We appreciate that our brand ambassadors make the effort to share our food with their colleagues, because as simple as it may seem, it shows that they trust us to serve good meals to people they work with,” says Rea.

Despite Kenny Rogers ongoing success, it is evident that Rea has no intentions of slowing down. “We have been very aggressive in store expansions over the last twelve months. We’re currently at 41 stores, the newest of which being our flagship store has just recently opened at Matalino St., in Quezon City.” She goes on to say, “For the next three to five years, we plan accelerate our growth even further, in terms of opening more restaurants all over the Philippines.”

As the brand continues to grow, it is clear the mission to promote health and wellness through well-balanced meals will remain an integral part as well. Rea tells us, “We will continue to offer healthy choices: healthier pasta, healthy sandwiches, healthy snacks, and yummy treats like flavored muffins and froyos. And to continue our tradition of giving our guests a wide variety of choices, we will still introduce new, delicious products into our menu on a regular basis.”

Rea is adamant that the longstanding partnership with its three brand ambassadors remains an important piece to the ongoing success of Kenny Rogers, stating, “We’re confident also that through Iza, James, and Phil, we’ll be able to reach more guests, complementing their healthy lifestyles and encouraging them to continue making deliciously healthy choices.”

About Kenny Rogers Roasters
Kenny Rogers Philippines has been serving premium chicken to its customers since 1995. Exclusively franchised by Epicurean Partners Exchange Inc., Kenny Rogers now offers a full menu consisting of roast chicken, baby back ribs, grilled fish, corn muffins and a wade array of fresh side dishes. There are now 41 unique Kenny Rogers locations throughout the Philippines. For additional information, please visit or follow them on twitter @KennysPH.