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May 28, 2020



MANILA, Philippines – The Filipino spirit is highly regarded for its unending resilience in the face of adversity and challenge. Over the course of our history, Filipinos have consistently been touted as resilient, ever-happy, and even bulletproof. However, our ability to smile through the face of adversity eventually takes a toll on our skin.

Aging is a natural and inevitable process that is accelerated by internal and external factors, such as stress. And since the start of the year, Filipinos have faced tremendous stress that has taken a toll on our bodies. This is noticeably visible in our face, which is vulnerable to early signs of aging such as dullness and transient surface textural changes that appear as early as the age of 18.

Developed by Kiehl’s chemist, the all NEW Vital Skin-Strengthening Super Serum combats the unavoidable stressors that Filipinos face on a regular basis. The Vital Skin-Strengthening Super Serum is an ultra-lightweight, biocompatible, and fast-absorbing serum that is powered by 11kDa Hyaluronic Acid and an Adaptogenic Herbal Complex that helps strengthen the skin’s resilience.

The Vital Skin-Strengthening Super Serum addresses environmental stressors that weaken the skin barrier by restoring suppleness and plumpness to visibly address signs of aging for healthy, youthful looking skin after just four weeks.


11kDa Hyaluronic Acid

Kiehl’s 11kDa Hyaluronic Acid is the ideal size for targeted, deep, and fast efficacy within the skin’s surface layers. This formula has been scientifically tested to fortify the skin’s upper layers by delivering skin-strengthening hydration to the most vulnerable layer of skin most susceptible to external aggressors.


Adaptogenic herbs are esteemed in ancient medicine for treating fatigue and stress. Kiehl’s formula with adaptogenic herbs helps to replenish and fortify skin for visibly improved texture and resilience. Kiehl’s potent Adaptogenic Herbal Complex contains Schisandra Berries, Holy Basil and Red Ginseng Root

Holy Basil

Holy Basil, rich in Ursolic acid & Rosmarinic acid, in the formula, helps neutralize skin-damaging free radicals and revitalizes the look of the skin helping to lessen the visible effects of skin stressors.

Red Ginseng Root

Within the formula, Red Ginseng Root, rich in Ginsenosides, helps stimulate essential resurfacing of skin cells.

Schisandra Berry

Schisandra Berry, rich in Schisandrins, helps reinforce skin resiliency and elasticity in this antioxidant rich formula.

This Super Serum, with an Adaptogenic Herbal Complex, helps resist the effects of skin aging stressors for healthy looking skin while increasing the resurfacing of skin cells, visibly improving texture and radiance.


Achieve powerful, healthy, and youthful skin with Kiehl’s Vital Skin-Strengthening Super Serum. Applicable during the day or before bed, this serum can complement your current skincare routine. The Vital Skin-Strengthening Super Serum leaves the skin feeling immediately smoother and resistant to daily stressors, allowing you to feel younger and healthier as fine lines, texture, and radiance begins to visibly improve.

Lightweight and biocompatible, the new Super Serum is clinically proven to2:

  •  Enhance skin’s radiance
  •  Improve texture
  • Decrease the appearance of fine lines

In a consumer study3:

  • All users agreed skin felt softer after one week
  • After four weeks, all users reported that skin felt firmer

This June, return to the world with a younger and rejuvenated look, powered by stronger and healthier skin resistant to environmental stressors. Kiehl’s Vital Skin-Strengthening Super Serum is available now at all Kiehl’s Since 1851 stores nationwide and via Facebook through Kiehl’s Social Commerce page. Prices start at PHP 3,200 (SRP).


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