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April 01, 2019


Celebrate Earth Day with Vaya!

MANILA, Philippines – Every year, millions around the world celebrate Earth Day! Held each year on April 22nd, Earth Day is a chance for Filipinos to come together with their friends and families to support environmental protection, while enjoying all the wonders of the natural world. This April, we invite you to celebrate the Earth by reducing your dependency on plastic.

Plastic Waste: A Growing Concern

According to a 2015 report by Ocean Conservancy and the McKinsey Center for Business and Environment, the Philippines was the third biggest contributor of unmanaged plastic in the ocean. The report went on to find that on average, Filipinos release 2.7 million metric tons of plastic waste into the ocean every year, with 560,000 metric tons of plastic waste coming from Metro Manila alone.

While experts estimate that it would cost billions to reduce the amount of plastic waste and leakage in our oceans, many steps can be done in our own home by making the conscious effort to switch to sustainable and environmentally-friendly products.

Vaya: Smart, Eco-Friendly Products with Purpose

Vaya is developed by a team of seasoned professions who are driven by a visionary zeal to improve people’s lives. Everyday products are reimagined to ensure people enjoy fresh meals on-to-the-go while abandoning the need for disposable, flimsy, and non-biodegradable containers that can compromise the quality of your food.

Vaya offers three unique products:

  • Vaya Tyffyn – A lunchbox full of innovation, the Vaya Tyffyn allows you to pack a multi-course meal that stays fresh for up to 6-hours. Stylish and leak-resistant, it comes in three different sizes for all appetites: 600ml (two containers), 1,000ml (three containers), 1,300ml (four containers).
  • Vaya Drynk – This sustainable and high-quality bottle easily fits into your bag, keeping your drinks hot for up to 12-hours, and cold for 18-hours. It is available in two sizes, 350ml and 600ml, and comes with two different lid options to enjoy a wide variety of beverages.
  • Vaya Preserve – This sleek vacuum-insulated food storage/carrying container comes in two sizes, 300ml and 500ml. It serves as a handy meal carrier for one-pot meals and can store ingredients to ensure freshness for a long time. An absolute must for any kitchen!

Celebrate Earth Day with Vaya

This coming Earth Day, we encourage you and your family to celebrate with Vaya. Reduce your dependency on single-use plastics in favor of Vaya’s line of reusable products for a multi-functional, eco-friendly, and sleek alternative to food and drink storage.

About Vaya                                                                               
Vaya is the coming together of seasoned professionals from across the globe, driven by a visionary zeal to significantly improve people’s lives. The company intends to bring an emotional component in everyday life through the concept of total user experience: a combination of innovative, carefully designed, high-quality products, and smart, useful, friendly services.