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July 14, 2024

Bajaj Re

Bajaj RE: How Far Can You Go?

MANILA, Philippines – Travel anywhere, anytime with Bajaj RE: the revolutionary three-wheeled motorcycle taking the country by storm.

The Bajaj RE is a durable, long-lasting vehicle designed for public transport and personal use. It has user-friendly mileage and reduced carbon emissions, combined with low maintenance costs due to its quality parts and assembly. These features have made the Bajaj RE a popular alternative to the traditional tricycle nationwide.

High Durability, Easy Maintenance

With up to 66% less fuel consumption compared to other vehicles, the Bajaj RE provides excellent mileage for its weight. It is compact, yet durable, able to carry multiple passengers and their belongings in every ride. Its size belies enough power to conquer Philippine roads, no matter how rough or hilly the terrain.

Bajaj RE remains affordable without losing any of the qualities that has made it globally-recognized, such as:

  • Reinforced chassis for bigger load capacity and lower maintenance costs
  • Dual oil filtration system with a combined screw-on and magnetic filter that removes impurities from the oil, increasing mileage and reducing emissions
  • Fan and dust covers for dual protection against dust and dirt
  • Larger capacity crank case and camshaft, increasing engine efficiency
  • Metal gear selector

Every owner is given a starter kit consisting of a spare tire, two spare seats and a set of basic tools to assist with the upkeep of their units. Bajaj RE dealers also serve as repair and maintenance stations to keep the three-wheelers in peak performance.

Specialists from dealers also offer advice to Bajaj owners in the hopes of teaching them how to repair minor issues with their own vehicles. In the long run, a Bajaj RE is expected to last longer between major repairs compared to traditional tricycles, minimizing down time for owners and passengers alike.

Go the Distance with Bajaj RE

Bajaj RE provides a level of comfort unique among three-wheelers. The driver seat is more spacious, giving the driver freedom of movement not present anywhere else. A generous hood height, ergonomic bucket seats, and splash guards augments the passenger experience no matter the length of the ride. Each Bajaj RE is also compatible with weather-resistant tarps for protection against wind, rain, and harsh sunlight.

Nothing is out of reach with Bajaj RE. Whether you want to visit the local mall, take a road trip to see the country’s sights, or drive along Manila Bay as the sun sets, this trusty three-wheeler will be there for you.

So step up your world with Bajaj RE, the durable, low-maintenance, and revolutionary three-wheeled motorcycle that can take you anywhere you need, anytime you want!

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About Bajaj RE
Bajaj RE is a name deeply inscribed in every Indian’s heart. After all, it has been a tried and trusted companion since 50 years. By being world’s largest manufacturer of 3 wheelers and the largest exporter of 3 wheelers in India, it has been the highest employment generator. Other than India, the brand enjoys a strong presence across 40 countries. Bajaj is continuously exploring new dimensions to enhance its products and make public transportation easy.