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June 05, 2013



Correct sitting posture is a simple but very important way to prevent and relieve back pain and keep the back and spine healthy. Good posture and proper back support are critical to reducing back pain and neck pain. This is especially important for people who are sitting down for extended periods of time – which ends up being most of since as we average 9 hours of sitting each day!

BackJoy is a supportive back orthotic engineered to help maintain correct posture and relieve back pressure by flexing and cradling your pelvis. The patented Applied Postural Science (APS) Technology automatically tilts, cups, and floats your pelvis upright so you can find your most balanced and comfortable posture. “BackJoy works hand-in-hand with your body to create a continual self-perpetuating system. It uses your upper body weight to create constant adjustments in the device to maintain proper support no matter how your body moves. ”says Bing Howenstein, CEO and Founder of BackJoy Orthotics. The lightweight, portable device is developed with an auto-forming action to help relieve back pain and conveniently works on most seating surfaces.

Constructed of Advance Core Material, complex composite polymers are custom formulated to provide extraordinary flexibility and super-memory. Originally invented for the aerospace industry, this highly specialized and durable plastic maintains its shape and flexibility under the most extreme pressures. With its flexibility it easily allows two or more individuals to easily share one BackJoy hence allowing one to experience comfort and change.

It is important that we find the source of our back problems, assess and control the source, and support the back properly. Using a support that eliminates posterior pelvic tilt can significantly help to reduce postural imbalance at its source.

“Back pain will affect four out of five people (80% of the global population) at least once in their lifetimes. Back pain can occur at any age, is more prevalent in teenagers and children than ever before, and is most noted in individuals with either a sedentary lifestyle or one that involves strenuous manual labour”, says Dr. Barry Kluner, a practicing chiropractor and posture specialist.

Suitable for all body types and any age group, BackJoy is perfect for those who lead hectic lifestyles with work, travel and daily activities that cause strain and stress to the back. Those extra hours spent at work and while driving can become less strenuous.

About BackJoy, The Back Orthotic:
BackJoy, The Back Orthotic is the world’s first and only “orthotic” for your back. BackJoy’s Orthotic Cradling System “floats” the user’s spinal system over both hard and soft sitting surfaces, and acts as a natural shock absorber for all-day comfort and injury prevention. BackJoy automatically corrects sitting posture through active stabilization, with the user’s own body weight adjusting to the perfect position. A patented cupped design prevents the gluteus muscles from flattening under the user’s body weight, promoting increased circulation and reduced pressure and strain. Simple to use, the BackJoy also works in any seat, including automobiles. The BackJoy provides a customized fit to men and women of all shapes and sizes.

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