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June 11, 2020

Keepr Storage PH

Appointments in the New Normal: Why Safety Protocols are Important

MANILA, Philippines – With governments around the world lifting quarantine restrictions, people everywhere are beginning to adjust to a world that has been significantly affected by COVID-19. As researchers continue to develop life-saving solutions to a global pandemic, civilians and businesses are looking at new alternatives that can safely fulfill consumer needs while stimulating the Philippine economy.

“Unfortunately, this COVID-19 health crisis will extend itself into a slowdown in the economy. Output, jobs, and incomes will be adversely affected,” says Anna Moncupa, founder of Keepr Storage PH.  “Negative growth typically happens during an economic downturn and this will cause consumers to curtail their expenses to conserve cash. Income is affected. Non-essential goods will not be bought and some may have difficulty paying bills. Consumers are adjusting to save money. We’re already seeing tenants leaving prime commercial spaces to keep their businesses afloat, even in the midst of the community quarantine.”

Understanding the Impact of COVID-19 on the Philippine Economy
The Philippines has seen tremendous growth in recent years, with many analysts regarding the country as having the fastest-growing economy in Southeast Asia. However, due to the effects of the coronavirus, economists are projecting a significant decline in our gross domestic product (GDP) at the end of 2020. This has led many experts to look at locally-owned businesses as a means of stabilizing the economy in the years to come.

No Contact: How Local Businesses Can Stimulate Economic Growth in the New Normal
Since the start of Enhanced Community Quarantine, Filipinos within Metro Manila have complied with the rules established by the government. This has compelled numerous businesses to adapt to government mandate and consumer behavior through a no-contact policy that allows staff and essential personnel to safely interact with consumers.

“We as consumers value our health more than anything during these times,” says Moncupa. “Having certain protocols in place has helped our business meet our customers’ demands and needs, without having to sacrifice our commitment to our clients. We are still able to deliver the same exceptional service. Already, we are seeing more and more businesses pivot to distance-enabled transactions, and we expect this to continue for quite a while, or at least until we have beaten the virus. I do hope that other businesses make it sustainable for both their employees and customers.”

Moncupa’s team at Keepr Storage PH regularly practices no-contact transactions through the implementation of basic guidelines:

  1. Placement of delivery items in a dedicated space accessible to Storage Specialists to ensure proper social distancing.
  2. The use of in-house bins that are custom designed to store and transport your possessions.
  3. The use of facemasks and PPEs during pick-ups between customers and personnel.
  4. The acquisition of the necessary permits from your local homeowner’s association or the building management.
  5. Photographic documentation of your items before pick-up.

“Our current policies are not only centered on safety, it was structured with limited resources in mind,” adds Anna Moncupa. “With limited public transportation, Metro Manila has minimal workforce available at the moment. Having these contactless procedures when offering moving and storage gives our customers cost-efficient alternatives without them having to look for more manpower. They are able to move their items and solve space issues without having to be physically present during the quarantine period. Our system allows our customers to do everything they need to do, all via mobile app or web.”

Keepr Storage PH: Giving You What You Need with No Need for Contact
With the implementation of General Community Quarantine in full effect across Metro Manila, Keepr Storage PH has resumed operations using a strict no-contact guideline for all clients and personnel. Available on all mobile devices, Keepr offers fully customizable storage solutions you can access with a simple swipe. Download Keepr Storage PH now on the App Store and Google Play and find out how they can help maintain your business in the new normal without giving anything away. Prices start at just ₱399.00 a month. Learn more at or call +63-917-533-7774 (KEEPR-PH).



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