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November 08, 2011



Tone your Facial Muscles to a More Youthful Look

You have a beauty regime for your face that focuses on your skin and is designed to minimise the effects of ageing, but it’s the health of the muscles underneath that hold the key to a successful rejuvenation programme.

Slendertone Face is different…

We are more than skin deep, our innovative technology stimulates the muscles beneath the surface of your face, firming and toning them to combat the natural “sag” of the aging process” and provide a visible and natural face lift without the need for surgery.

This is achieved using electro-muscle stimulation (EMS) technology, which mimics the body’s natural muscle movements – sending signals to the nerves which control muscle activity. This acts to strengthen and increase the muscle mass, restoring the youthful shape and appearance of the face. Slendertone Face rebuilds the foundations of the face, lifting and adding volume to the muscles of facial expression.

“Many women don’t want to have invasive treatments Slendertone Face works by gently stimulating the surface of your face providing a visible and natural face-lift without the need for surgery. We want women to understand that to complete their beauty regime they need to not only tone the skin but tone the muscles too and unlock their beauty from within.” says Dr. Trish Smith, COO of Slendertone.

Clinical trials, conducted by Slendertone and the University of Galway, showed that using Slendertone Face over a 12 week period, five times a week for 20 minutes increased the Zygomatic Major, the smiling muscles, by 20% on average and 94% reported their face felt firmer, 90% reported improvement in facial toning and 80% reported their face looked lifted.

Complexions were also proven to become clearer and more radiant due to the increased blood flow to the skin’s surface.

Filipino women can now restore the youthful shape of their face through toning and lifting their facial muscles naturally with the help of Slendertone Face. It’s easy-to-use, all they have to do is place Slendertone Face on each of their face, like a headset and toning begins. It mimics the body’s natural muscle movements by generating more muscle mass which will then restore the original plump shape of the face while also tightening the skin.

Now, Pinays can also try out Slendertone Face as Slendertone Philippines will be introducing this exciting new beauty product into the market. Slendertone Face will be in limited quantities so for orders and inquiries please email As add on service, we will deliver it personally and will do a demonstration of the product.

Slendertone is exclusively distributed by the Primer Group of Companies. Slendertone Face will retail at P19,990. For further information, visit and Slendertone Philippines fan page.

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