Last updated on February 1, 2023

How Digital PR Drives Brand Awareness

how digital pr drives brand awareness
Public Relations (PR) is essentially storytelling. Every business has its share of stories. From behind-the-scenes glimpses of how the brand came to be, to exciting product launches and inspiring entrepreneurial features, there is always an angle or perspective to find and a meaningful story to tell.

Whether that story is packaged as a press release, an exclusive interview, or a case study, public relations is about telling it in a way that adds value for both the brand’s customers and the audience of the media.

What is Digital PR?

Digital Public Relations is an online marketing strategy utilized by brands to increase their online presence. It involves working with journalists, bloggers, and influencers to gain quality backlinks and social media mentions that improve brand awareness and consumer engagement in the digital space. It is also capable of improving a company’s search engine optimization (SEO).

Traditionally, PR strategies included print coverage in newspapers and magazines and broadcasting on TV and radio. Digital PR takes to reach and awareness further, opening doors to a variety of other channels including blogs, online news, social media platforms, and influencer campaigns.

3 Ways Digital PR Can Help Your Business

Traditional PR efforts can only do so much to increase brand awareness and retain clients, but digital PR reaches people where they are in a targeted way. When a brand does not engage in a digital public relations strategy, they miss out on tremendous opportunities to drive new revenue streams, attract new customers, and ensure relevance.

The possibilities of digital advertising are endless, and depending on what you want to achieve for your brand, digital PR can help you reach them through various strategies.

1. Digital PR helps establish brand identity and authority

The fundamental goal of any PR campaign should be to build trust between your brand and your target market. When much of the world is on a digital platform, it is important to emphasize your brand’s authority in that space to establish it as the best or leading business in that niche.

Digital PR involves media relations for brands to send out news stories such as press releases to various outlets for publication. These articles enhance the relatability of a brand to its target market. By having these digital publications feature the brand on their platform, their positioning in their industry is strengthened.

Another facet of digital PR is influencer marketing, where a pool of key opinion leaders (KOLs) collaborate to create engaging social media content that promotes the brand’s products or services. This increases audience reach and engagement and can potentially generate more loyal customers.

When you can engage with reputable media publications and use authentic influencers, your market will show a greater inclination to use your products or avail of your services.


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2. Digital PR increases customer acquisition and lead generation

When high-quality content is distributed in the right places, it also leads to quality lead generation. An effective digital PR campaign can lead to better customer acquisition for your brand because your target audience will want to learn more about you after seeing you online.

This is where it’s important to be strategic in your communications. How much will you say to convince your customers to learn more? How will you ensure that you get a streamlined message across despite creating content in various channels?

Digital PR is one of the keys to clearing the path from awareness to engagement. First, you need to make your brand known to your target audience and build trust through engagement. After that, your target audience will start converting your customers and boost your business.


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3. Digital PR enhances your SEO strategy

Digital PR and SEO go hand in hand, but the strength of your SEO performance depends on a versatile backlink profile. By improving your content, publishing on high authority websites, and getting backlinks, your brand will rank higher in search engines. A higher rank means you will be more visible, and visibility leads to more website visitors.

With good SEO rankings, you ensure a positive brand image, as this signals to your target market that you are a credible source of information. Having this reputation will then encourage influencers and bloggers to advocate for your brand.


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Maximize Digital PR for Your Brand Today

Using digital PR as a marketing tool can make a significant impact on your brand. But because it is constantly evolving, it is important to know how each facet works. A well-thought-out PR strategy can make the difference between you and your competitors in terms of reach, engagement, sales, and SEO ranking.

Centaur Marketing can help you develop an effective PR strategy for your business, involving media relations, influencer relations, and social media management. Contact us today at to learn more.