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April 12, 2022

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Singaporean Indoor Skydiving Star Kyra Poh Finishes No. 1 at the 2022 World Cup

Singapore – Champion indoor skydiver Kyra Poh distinguished  herself and her native country of Singapore with a clutch first place finish at the jointly held 4th World Cup of Indoor Skydiving (WCIS) and 2nd FAI European Indoor Skydiving Championships 2022.

Held in Charleroi, Belgium from April 5-10, 2022, approximately 400 international athletes competed in a world-class facility just south of the Belgian capital of Brussels.

The solo freestyle category saw Poh and her competitors perform routines to music with the athletes scored on how well they performed the compulsory moves. With scores of 18.0, 9.2, 18.4, 9.7, and 18.3 in each of the 5 rounds, Kyra emerged on top of the standings as champion.

“It feels super awesome, and I am glad to be called a World Cup Champion,” exclaims Poh. “At the last worlds competition, I actually was neck-to-neck for 1st place, but ended up placing 2nd. I’m happy that this year I managed to constantly lead and triumph to get the world title.”

Kyra Poh has been in serious training mode for the better part of two years practicing at the local iFly facility in her native Singapore, in preparation for this event. It was originally scheduled to take place in April 2020 but had to be pushed back due to the global pandemic. Thus, Poh has spent several hours each day for two years with an eye towards excelling in this competition and having to stay mentally and physically committed.

“I trained and stretched very rigorously and put in my hardest to get my body as fit as possible and ideal for the competition,” says Poh. “It was a struggle to find the perfect cut to the music and moves that would fit while also trying to innovate new moves. I’m happy all my efforts paid off, and I’m excited to start flying and working on what I have to improve on.”

Other notable achievements of Poh include earning the title of “World’s Fastest Flyer” at the 2017 Wind Games in Empuriabrava, Catalonia where she also claimed first place at the Solo Speed and Solo Freestyle competitions.

She then also went on to win first place in the solo freestyle category in the 2019 Australian Open Indoor Skydiving Championships held in Penrith, Australia. That was followed by another first place finish, this time in Prague, Czech Republic, at the Czech Open Indoor Skydiving competition.

Poh is the current record holder with most number of backward somersaults in a wind tunnel with 68.

Her number one finish in Charleroi has boosted Kyra Poh’s confidence even more and will undoubtedly add more fuel to her desire to keep bringing more honor home to Singapore. Even as she looks to future competitions, Poh is allowing herself to celebrate this momentous triumph.

“The stress and expectations for me was high and I’m happy to have made Singapore proud,” states Poh

Red Bull has long been in Poh’s corner and celebrates her victory together with her team and fans. Relive Kyra Poh’s performance by visiting or watching here.

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